Water from the well of the house

By Admin | Heating
16 May 2016

Well - quite a complex structure, requiring considerable material investment services specialists for devices and future maintenance.

much more simple and cheap solution - well.There is only one difficulty - to determine the correct location for the device well - it must be close to the aquifer water of good quality and sufficient quantity.If water is needed only one family not more than 5-6 people, the brigade, to dig a well, it is easy to solve this issue.When the well is dug, the next task - to get water.And then it is necessary to choose the pump.The known types of pumps - submersible, centrifugal, submersible vortex, submerged membranes submerged suction.

Before you buy a pump, you should find out how many gallons of water the pump can surpass 1 hour;learn the pump head - how high it can raise the water - because water is needed not only on the ground floor of your home, but also on the top.It should be accurate about the depth of the water in the well and the fact for what you need to raise t

he height of the water.You should also take into account the long distance from the source of water to the house and the slope of the terrain.The electric pump is connected via a cable.The cable can be laid on the ground or in the air.If the gasket air, should ensure a sufficient height above the ground and the distance from the tree branches.

next step - setting vodonakaplivayuschih installations - water supply tank or hydropneumatic system.Water tank - in order to prevent condensation on the floor at home - must be installed on a metal tray.At the bottom of the tray is a special drain hole for water to enter the drain system.Normally the tank is installed in the highest point of the house - in the attic.

tank should be equipped with an automatic on-off electric pump - in order to prevent overfilling of the tank.
for periodic draining the tank using the drain pipe.To fill the tank with water delivery pipe used for water consumption - tapping.The most common material used for pipes - ductile iron.

sure Insulate water tank, otherwise water in the winter it is ice.You should also install a water inlet overflow pipe for collecting rainwater.It will come in handy in the hot season, when you need a lot of water for irrigation and other needs.

We talked about the water supply from the well of the house.However, if possible, better to install an artesian well.The artesian waters are no harmful substances such as nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals.However, we will speak about this in the next article.