Geothermal energy

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15 May 2016

During the year, almost 50% of the solar energy is absorbed by the earth's surface, which is at a depth of slightly more than one and a half meters has a constant temperature.Geothermal technology uses this constant inexhaustible source of energy as follows: in the ground at a depth of about 1.8 meters laid battery coils connected to the pump and heat exchanger device.This simple design makes it possible to capitalize on the natural ability of the land to receive and give off heat, and throughout the year maintains a constant temperature in your home.

solution is environmentally friendly antifreeze or plain water with a pump system transfers energy to the heat exchanger coils, located in your home.In winter, the system works as a heater, the heat spreading on the premises, and in summer it can replace air conditioning by absorbing heat from the premises.In summer time thus heated liquid can be used for household purposes or cooled in the ground again by coil system.

Application geothermal technology h

as two advantages: they will give you not only a comfortable temperature in the house all year round, but will provide cheap hot water, supplemented or replaced entirely home water heater.This technology works on 30% more efficient than the existing heating systems and 70% ahead of the usual conditioning and ventilation systems
It does not matter what country and city you live in, the geothermal system will work in any home in all weather conditions!

There are several options for installing the coils.The coils are made from a special high density plastic pipe (PE100).

1.Gorizontalnaya installation - this is the most common method of pipe, it is used in rural and suburban areas, because it takes a certain territory.On the site dig several trenches, no more than 2 meters deep and 90 meters long.The trench is placed coil and then poured her ground.

2.Vertikalnaya installation is mainly used in urban areas, because it does not require a large area.In this case the drilled hole in the ground 50 to a depth of 150 meters, the tube is introduced into the wellbore and concreted.

3.Zmeeviki in a pond or lake.If next to the house there is a suitable pond depth of about 2.5 meters, the system of coils can be located on the bottom of the pond.From the house to the water dug a trench in which lay, as a rule, two pipes.These tubes are connected at the bottom of the reservoir with several other pipes.

4.Razomknutye coils.This kind of success is applicable to areas with wells.Ground water from an underground aquifer pumped into the house, passed through a heat exchanger and back into the well.

use of geothermal technology is completely safe for the environment, the installation of a system in a typical home is equivalent to planting 750 trees or removing two cars from the roads, polluting the air, because the system does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, entailinga greenhouse effect and global warming.In addition, scientists have calculated that the existing systems will save more than 14 million barrels of crude oil per year and reduce the need for enhanced thermal power plants due to the low consumption of electricity.