How to choose a water heater?

By Admin | Heating
14 May 2016
winter approaching and many are already thinking whether they have all ready for winter, everything is repaired, everything is bought, everything is cooked.The usual practice for Russian people remember about the winter when she arrived.

Not for nothing now many installation teams are coming hard times since coming season plants of various devices in the country houses, and often in a city apartment.The range is now installed equipment is quite wide: from small storage water heaters boiler with a volume of 30 liters per apartment, to boiler systems for a large country house.Today we decided to talk more about choosing a water heater.

So here we go: First of all you should decide gas or electric water heater you want to buy.

Benefits gas cumulative obvious, gas is a cheaper form of energy than electricity as a conventional gas water heaters are usually more powerful than electrical.

Lack of gas water heater that needed a centralized gas supply to the installation of the heater, and at times v
ery strict requirements to its pressure, which sometimes become not feasible in country / country conditions.

Electric water heater is easier to use, but it requires a more expensive source of energy, such as electricity.On the other hand, modern electric storage water heaters are fully automated and controlled by a microprocessor, have a variety of economy mode, and the program can significantly save electricity when properly configured.

example a series of DEC C, storage water heaters company AEG has the ability to program the primary hot water at night, if necessary (reduced rate, etc.).

Now let's deal with the volume of the tank, sometimes called boiler .Roughly the required volume of the tank water heater can be calculated as follows: the rate of 30 liters per person.That is, if the house resides 3 man, 3 x 30 = 90 liters.Take the first exemplary standard tank volume (preferably in a big way), it will be a water heater of 100 liters.That is the calculation scheme offered in most online stores.But this circuit is very rough, especially when based on the "souls."Everyone is different and everyone has different concepts of "taking a shower."Some 5 minutes rinse, and someone prefers to soak for half an hour.

more accurately calculate so.The heater heats the water to a temperature of about 55-85 degrees (depending on the brand and series), for human use need water much lower temperature.That is, in the total heat of water is greater than the volume of the tank itself.Calculate the amount of heat produced water can be multiplied by a factor of 2-2.5 (if your water heater heats the water to 55 take 2 if 85 take 2.5).For example for a 50 liter boiler with heating to 85 ° C, the warm water will be 50 x 2.5 = 125 liters.

Next you need to know what the water flow to your shower head.Standard attachments are from 4 to 8 liters per minute.If you do not know your flow nozzle, it can be found by simple experiment.Let the water in the shower (with the usual pressure for you) and fill some dishes with a known amount of time for which it (the dishes) filled with the Race against the clock.Well, after all easily calculated.By the way there are shower heads, with a special economy mode, where the flow rate is set strictly at 4L / min.A very useful thing, because the difference you feel special, and the time in the shower to significantly increase.

Well, the end of the calculations.You know how much time you spend in the shower, you know how many other tenants of the apartment.Fold the time being accrued amount of warm water, the volume of hot and choose the volume of the tank.For example

and visibility Calculate water heater for a family of 3 persons (2nd adults and 1 child).So


1st adult: taking a shower 10 minutes.

2nd adult: taking a shower 18 minutes.

Child: Bathing baby shower will take 15 minutes.

total sum: 10 + 18 + 15 = 43 minutes

assume that the shower head has a flow rate 5litrov / minute.

43 minutes.x 5 liters.= 215 liters of warm water

consider the amount of hot water:

215 / 2.3 ~ 93.5 liters of hot water.

closest cylinder capacity 80 and 100 liters.Better to take stock and to select the 100 liter water heater.

Well, then the choice is yours.The company, series, etc.