By Admin | Windows And Doors
21 April 2016

windows with silicone seals Currently, manufacturers of building materials products offer almost ideal for many conditions.But do not believe that without the use of protective materials and auxiliary materials all of your purchases will serve due time properly.For example, plastic windows have long been the ideal solution for residential, but a new generation of sealing wooden windows allowed again to take a leading position virtually.So today we'll talk about seals and materials used in the repair and construction.

silicone.Seals made of this material are used for sealing cracks in wood, metal or plastic structures.As a rule, use silicone sealant that is fixed carpenter stapler.

However, silicone rubber - not a panacea, so manufacturers try to use a combination of materials, or even entirely new compositions.Thus, the company "Deceuninck" took the proliferation of its own gray seal, which demonstrates excellent performance and a frost of -20 degrees Celsius.However, at lower temperatures tightness may be impaired, which makes

use of the development of the company only in the southern countries.

suitable for extreme loads seal Schlegel from the "Positron-formation."This development stands a nightmare in -60 degrees, and does not lose its properties.This material, according to specialists, will be able to hold for 21 years.Schlegel is flexible and low thermal conductivity, and the harmful effects of UV rays and humidity spared the material side.

Finally, quite popular two- and three-component seals from the Finnish company Ot-Kumi.When you create a product that companies use foam rubber, termoplastoelastomer and rigid frame.Three-seals have already been tested harsh climate of Chukotka, so they can be used without fear under any climatic conditions.