Features oil radiators

By Admin | Heating
14 May 2016

Otaplivaya home using electric heaters, the user has a number of obvious advantages such as continuous availability of devices for operation (room heating), ease of use, the possibility of individual temperature control, reliability.It is necessary to emphasize that does not require storage space for fuel, maintenance takes less money.

Thanks serviceability oil heaters are widely used as apartments for heating and in suburban homes.This is due to the inherent only electric oil radiator advantages.

Advantages radiators

need to start with the fact that their installation does not require any knowledge and tools.To enable it, enough to put a radiator in a heated room, and plug into an electrical outlet, enjoying the mild warmth.

second feature oil-filled radiators is the low price, which as the power depends on the size of the radiator (number of sections).When you buy a radiator can decide what power and size he will do.

Oil heaters are low things, and therefore accessible.The buyer has the discr

etion to choose the powerful and expensive machine, a scale model or cheap.As a rule, the number of sections in oil radiators varies from 5do 12.

oil heater device

oil heater consists of a metal structure with channels filled with mineral oil is immersed in the heating element.

Unlike older models today are: built-in thermostat, protection against overheating, the cable compartment.Many radiators are splash proof and the horizontal position of the sensor, which triggers rollover radiator and disables it.

Features radiator

By unconditional positive features of oil-filled radiators are: lack of operating noise, low temperature heating body, the ability to transfer to any place and at any time.

especially want to note the low temperature heat sink body.Nobody argues that the higher the temperature of the heater, the faster you can warm the house, but heaters with open heating elements inevitably begin to burn oxygen and dust that adversely affects human health.It turns out that oil heaters heat the room at low temperatures give us warm and stay healthy without burning oxygen.

Technical and operational characteristics

often salable oil coolers have a capacity - from 1 to 2.5 kW.That is, they can be used to heat rooms up to 25 m2.Power heater for your premise choose very simple: 1 kW can warm about 10 m2 well-insulated building with a ceiling height of up to 3 m.

With an integrated thermostat automatically maintains the set temperature.Models with timer can automatically turn on the heat sink at the right time, it is especially useful when most of the time the room is empty, and only have to set your comfort temperature.In addition, it saves a lot of electricity.Among the models produce heaters with a timer can be identified such companies as: DeLonghi and Hot Wave (Italy), EWT and Heller (Germany), Tesy (Bulgaria).

The oil-filled radiators began to use built-in fans which allows warm room in accelerated mode.SMredi vypuschkayuschih firms such models may be noted Italian DeLonghi, Hot Wave, Kelsy, Laminox, English Binatone and Polaris, the Dutch General, German EWT and Heller, Bulgaria Tesy.

Disadvantages radiators

The disadvantages of these devices include their slow heating and slow cooling them.Moreover, they are bulky and somewhat heavy and audio can always fit into the space of the house.

And even if you are satisfied with this way of heating your home do not forget that electric heating - the most energy-intensive and expensive form of heating.

According to estimates, in order to heat 1 m2 needed installed capacity of 100 - 200 watts with an annual energy consumption of 5 -15 th. KW • h. Energy consumption for hot water for a family of three to four people is about 2 ths. KWh• h per year.