Lightning protection.

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05 May 2016
lightning rod Prepare wooden mast height from 2 to 3 meters (preferably hardwood).Define the place on the roof, where there is opportunity strongly to strengthen the mast upright.We decided that would be the basis of the current collector It can be a metal corner, wire diameter 5-8 mm, a length of pipe with diameters from 10 mm to 15 mm.Attach the pantograph to the mast as shown in Fig.1. To the lower end of the lightning conductor wire joined collector.Accession must be absolutely reliable, otherwise the whole structure is transformed into props, creating the illusion of a lightning protection for the building.Best of all is the connection electric welding or soldering.

the same way it is necessary to connect the grounding wire to the collector.Earthing is a sheet metal at least 0,5x0,5 meters, dug into the ground to a depth of 1 meter.In an extreme case, the role can perform massive grounding metal object, the area of ​​contact with the ground which will be approximately equal to the area of ​​contact between the
sheet metal 0,5x0,5 meters.Earthing buried in the ground at a distance of at least 0.5-0.8 meters from the basement of the building to be protected and always away from the entrances and exits of the building.

collector wire must have a minimum diameter of 5 mm, have a sound insulation and have good conductivity.It is best suited for this purpose copper wire.

Figure 1. Lightning home:

1 - lightning arrester;2 - wooden mast;3 - collector wire;4 - earthing;5 - the soldering (welding);6 - foundation;
7- ground level

In homes with a non-metallic roof lightning protection can be arranged in the form of a stretched along the ridge of the roof lightning rod steel wire with a lightning arrester (Fig. 2).Pull the wire between the wooden uprights at a height of 250 mm from the ridge and fastened to the gables.Around the lightning protection zone is formed, which has the shape of a double cone.If the structure is entirely in the area of ​​lightning protection, the direct lightning strike can almost hit him.Lightning protection device elements shown in Fig.3.

Lightning protection device at the outdoor antennas

lightning rod cases of lightning are extremely rare in the antenna.However, in antennas for radios that have a significant horizontal length and height during lightning discharges in the immediate

Fig.2. Rope lightning: and - a general view;b- a lightning rod in the form of a plug on the pipe;in- correct positioning of the cable air terminal;1 - Lightning rod;2 - Lightning torches;3 - racks;4 - blind area;5 - Earthing;6- humidification zone;7- footpath;8- collector

the same way it is necessary to connect the proximity to them are induced static electric charges.They may damage the receiver.To protect from damaging the receiver should be installed lightning switches and lightning arresters (iskrorazryadniki).In the summer, when receiving transmission is not performed, or the antenna during a thunderstorm should be kept grounded.Surge Suppressor is a switching device, the switching of the external antenna to the earth electrode.

simplest scheme of this suppressor (grozopereklyuchatelya) is shown in Fig.4.

Figure 3 (1).The device elements of the lightning: a, b - lightning of steel wire;a - from round steel;g - of water and gas pipes;etc. - from strip steel;e - from the angular steel;Well - attaching electrodes of the metal roof and to each other;1 - bandage made of galvanized wire with a diameter of 1.5-2.5 mm;2 welding;3- rivet (bolt);4 Lead seal;5- roof;6- wire diameter of 5-10 mm;7- steel plate;8-pin M16;9-pin MS-M10;10 steel strip


Outside premises:

discarded wire dry stick, and to isolate the hand, use a dry cloth (hat, scarf, etc.).lightning rod

When you touch the electric wires of the earth electric potential decreases with increasing distance from the source.

Consequently, the electric potential at different points of the ground will depend on the location of these points.

Figure 3 (2).The device elements of the lightning: 1 - vertical and horizontal ground ground;11 - footpath;12 - lateral tire;13 - collector;14 - a vertical rod (electrode);15 downspout;16-absorbing pad;17 horizontal earthing;GWL - groundwater level

lightning rod Approaching the fallen wire close enough you may find that the legs will fall under the potential difference becauseeach leg will have its potential.This potential difference is called the "voltage step".Therefore, to approach the fallen wire and removed from it must be jumping in the "feet together", possibly an ax to cut the wire with a dry grip.For victims of electric current necessary to seek medical advice immediately, even if it seems to you a satisfactory condition.If you visit a doctor for some reason you can not, must be returned to suffer of the hospital.It is advisable to immediately notify about the accident power company.

Fig.4. Aerial grozopereklyuchatel: 1 - external antenna;2 - grozopereklyuchatel;3 - TV;4 - ground eh

If the injured is conscious, you should keep at rest and keep track of its state before the arrival of the doctor.And if the injured is unconscious, before the arrival of the doctor is necessary to take the following measures:

- put the injured comfortable podstelit clothing, provide fresh air, give to smell ammonia, rub and heat the body.

If the injured frantically breathe, then you need to do artificial respiration, in the absence of signs of life it can not be considered dead (only a doctor can ascertain the death).Immediately begin artificial respiration and chest compressions.It should be able to make everyone, even if he had never needed.