Oak doors - a talisman of your home

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20 April 2016
With the doors we can afford at least briefly to separate from the surroundings and relax.

From the history of the wooden doors
perceived door in the first moments of its existence on earth - it does not matter.The main thing is that the doors have always been advocates of housing in general and in particular rooms.Apparently, the need has arisen in the door with the appearance of the dwelling itself.In ancient times, the door could serve anything: a huge stones and animal skins, wood, and thick grass.

doors of the array
Oak doors officially accepted that the very first door appeared in Ancient Egypt, where they were made of sycamore maple, and German.Later they began to produce of iron and bronze.

New wave in the world have French doors craftsmen.In the XVII century, they made some changes to the classical form of doors - there were glazed doors.However, the most expensive and luxurious doors in the eighteenth century Italian considered.Mastery of the Italians in this area has reached such heights that
they became known as "witches wood doors and eighteenth century."Due to the passage of time and changes in the appearance of the door styles improved.So Rococo style gave way to delicate Baroque doors and thus got exquisite features.

In the nineteenth century the world market doors topped France, and with the new leader of the old back trends.The ancient Egyptian style again ascended the podium.During this period, the most popular material for the manufacture of doors was mahogany.At the end of the nineteenth century in the vast world of doors, a new style - Liberty, which gradually evolved into Art Deco in the early twentieth century.Twelfth century brought a new breath to the door industry, production was put on stream, and the main material was the wooden array.

Today, massive doors have become very popular among all segments of society.Gradually they began to emerge and new door industry.In Denmark, the doors were invented of two valves in order to better retain heat indoors.In the United States it was made and installed the heaviest door in the world, in a room with hidden laser target.


LegnoStyle The company offers its services in the design of entrance and interior doors, staircases and furniture, interior doors andfrom an array of different types of wood on individual orders (oak doors, alder, pine and others.)

doors of solid oak door design
changed in proportion to the requirements of peace and security, but one thing remainedsame - wooden doors used maximum demand.Today the doors of solid oak - a really popular.No secrets, just oak is, oak, and oak doors - part of it.

Since ancient times, the oak was the most humanized fiber.What did people from it not produced: wells, log, furniture, and of course the door.Such popularity is connected primarily with the strength of the tree.The average life span oak trees 1,000 years.And the older the tree - the better the quality of wood as a building material.

Oak doors aesthetic qualities of the oak as attract a mass of people.Its wood is endowed with a yellowish-brown or refined dark-brown color and has an attractive structure.Buying oak doors can be sure that they will instantly to any decor.In addition, the oak door is very environmentally friendly and durable.Even after years of "Oak defender" will be in great shape, you yourself able to support.To this end, keep on hand skin, nail and paint the same color, which was originally painted door.

interior doors made of solid
As for the interior doors, the oak raw materials - the only convenient option.

Contemporary door industry offers several types of interior doors and all of them perfectly friendly terms with oak array.Whatever your interior doors: hinged, sliding or folding, they can be environmentally friendly, reliable, durable and beautiful, if made of solid oak.

To join the beauty, practicality and security in an apartment, you only need to unite together the interior solid oak doors and door installers professional contribution.

When buying doors made of oak, interior or the most important input - is to properly assess their quality.Of course, no experience is not enough.Firstly, the quality of oak door depends on the technology of processing of raw materials.Correctly processed raw always turn into a smooth, not misaligned door.Equally important cover door.The density of the layers of varnish or paint, the uniformity of their application may indicate a good door.

oak doors - it is a good buy.They like a talisman will contribute to the success and drive away bad luck.