Metal pipes

By Admin | Heating
13 May 2016

Composition pipe (hereinafter MP) and fittings it is a set of components for fast installation of water, gas pipeline, and air is supplied networks.

relative cheapness, ease of installation, and does not require expensive tools to do the work for assembling the pipeline, the pipeline system made this a very popular with a wide range of population and production.

But eventually she began to cause a lot of complaints from users, and established the myth of the alleged unreliability of the system.In all this, blame the users who perform clumsily installation of this system, as well as suppliers of low-quality components for MP

But even if all the materials for MPThey were purchased from a reliable supplier and have a quality certificate is still only half the battle.The main thing to mount the system, here in this, I would like to focus your attention.And for this it is necessary to divide the entire installation process, MPPipe paragraphs:

  1. determine for what purpose and under what conditions will
    be operated by the system created by our MPTo select the type of the pipe corresponding to the conditions of its application, consider the classic scheme of cold water.
  2. determined by the diameter of the pipe necessary to us for our purposes, this is usually a pipe d = 20 (for standard apartments) for the installation of risers taken large-diameter pipes, because it has more bandwidth.
  3. According to the scheme drawn us water that we are going to mount fittings gain.The scheme should try to simplify that would not put two tee where you can install one.Also, do not forget about installing emergency crane at the entrance of our system for operational shutdown.
  4. MPthe pipe should be cut with special scissors that have been cut flat and smooth.
  5. Before inserting the pipe into the fitting, it is necessary to razvaltsevat, that is, the circumcision to give inner edge of a perfectly round shape this use Calibrator.
  6. order to bend the pipe in a high degree and does not damage it is necessary to use a spring which, being pushed into the tube and fixed at the fold.
  7. When installing the fitting on the pipe seals are located on the fitting does not need plenty of grease with Vaseline, that they would not wrapped during installation.The fitting at the same time as the need to be screwed into the pipe.
  8. should be put on the pipe insulation cover, to avoid the appearance of condensation on the pipe.
  9. MPsusceptible to degradation caused by ultra violet rays, so it is worth to avoid places prone to excessive heat, boilers and more.
  10. for wall mounting MPpipe fastening clips you want to use.
  11. Locations passage of the pipeline through the ceiling or wall is necessary to use the sleeve bushing (MP pave in large diameter pipes) mean coefficient of expansion in any case the tube can not be cemented only in a protective case.
  12. When tightening the screws of the fitting should be careful not to strip the threads.
  13. Before you start the mounted pipe to seal it against the wall need to download the system to measure air pressure mono meter and leave the system on a day when the next measurement of air pressure in our pipeline should be the same pressure that we pumped.
  14. also need to avoid freezing M.P.truboprovoda.

That's all the advice that I would give for a proper installation of metal-plastic pipes, so they will serve you for a long time.