Decorative shutters

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20 April 2016

Modern shutters are made from new materials (vinyl, aluminum, wood, composite), they do all sorts of shapes and colors.These shutters can be used for security purposes (for example, closing the cottage for the winter), and for protection from the weather.Consider the types of external blinds.

Decorative shutters

Aluminium Shutters

These shutters are used only the last few years.They serve as an inexpensive alternative to wood shutters.Aluminium Shutters Series LEGENDS company AGI Group, Inc.such styles as Colonial, Louvered, Board and Batten Bahama and have been approved by many of the residents of the historic districts.These shutters are durable and meet high technical standards.Operating costs are relatively low, besides, can be deposited on the shutters of the protective coating.The choice of colors is wide enough - 100 different shades.On their shutters company AGI Group, Inc.It provides a three-year warranty.Paying these shutters can be made arch and convex rounding.Aluminium shutters - an ideal solution if

you want to protect the windows from high winds, or simply an extra protection on the windows.These shutters also contribute to the appearance of your home.

shutters of composite materials

particularly increased range of shutter combined in recent years.For example, the same company AGI Group, Inc.PolyLite joined shutters and Traditional shuttered Atlantic upper-class and Architectural.Combined shutters can be purchased in a lighter version (PolyLite), made of high density foam, which was treated with blinds, convex panels, boards and battens.This is an excellent product available in various types, different designs, moreover, advantageous wherein the price.

Traditional shutters are made of patented wood pulp, which allows the use of actual muntin profiles casement windows and blinds of various styles that can be cut and attached, and which in the end will look like real wood blinds.This allows the shutters to give a different shape, and the rest - it is your imagination.Color is also possible to select the shutter - if you will underrepresented 38 shades, for a fee shutters can be painted in any color that you will like.The company AGI Group, Inc.It provides a lifetime warranty on materials and 10-year warranty on the finish.The shutters are available in various designs - conventional, hinged with climbing panels, a piece or with straps, in popular styles Bahama, arched, curved, with applications or any other kind - for the order.It produced a special line of shutters to protect against the hurricane.

line blinds called Architectural - leader of sales of the company.Such shutters are made from wood pulp and glass fiber.

wooden shutters shutters shutters

Vinyl shutters

Company Mid-America Shutters offers vinyl bet all kinds and shades.These shutters are distinguished by their democratic price.Shutters standard sizes, of course, cheaper.If you make to order, the final price will be shown just below line of LEGENDS.

Wooden shutters

For those who prefer traditional in all, we propose to use the wooden shutters.Set can be in different positions, and can be tightly attached, it would be more economical.You can make real shutters (swinging open), false shutters (not swinging open), with rising panel, one piece or with the panels, combined with folding panels, etc.These shutters can be ordered various forms - in the form of an arch, convex, with applications, and even with the forceps.
purchase price of wooden blinds is acceptable, but we must take into account the cost of their treatment, coating, and periodic maintenance.Today, the most popular bet of arborvitae, juniper and red cypress.

In conclusion

Exterior shutters significantly improve the appearance of any building.This is one of the few types of finishes that fully regain their value when it comes to selling a home, not to mention the pleasure and aesthetic enjoyment, you will receive each day, going out and catching admiring glances of neighbors and passers-by.The price of such shutters fit perfectly with the high quality.

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