Electricity for summer

By Admin | Electrical Light
04 May 2016
has proven that environmental energy is great for country houses.

Let the sun work for you

Villas are particularly well suited for the use of solar energy, as the year live mostly in the summer, and electricity costs are relatively small.

solar electricity, also known as photovoltaic (PV), is considered to be an excellent decision, as the panel is easy to install and has no moving parts that require maintenance.

Most solar systems have batteries, store energy for lighting and appliances at night, or for use as needed.

Photovoltaic systems convert solar energy using a series of silicon cells, connected by a wire.Each cell has a "plus" and "minus" when the sun rays fall on the "plus" activated photons, electrons, which in turn generates an electrical current and charge the battery.

quantity of electricity is directly proportional to the volume of sunlight.In clear weather, the cell will work at 100%, in cloudy - 50%, and in the rain - about 20%.For this reason, some gardeners prefer to have on h
and, and even a generator to generate electricity in bad weather.

Before purchasing and installing the system, you should determine how much electricity you need.Consider power, amperage and voltage of each device to find out which is best suited for your garden.

Ride the wind

Wind energy - another environmentally friendly solution.Windmills do not pollute the environment and relatively easy to use.It is the oldest method of preserving wind energy.Modern versions of windmills are based on wind turbines, also known as turbo-pumps and wind turbines.Electricity generated by the rotation of the turbine blades, driving the axle, which in turn drives the generator.

generator produces electricity that can be both stored in batteries and used directly.The only obstacle that will have to face - is the force of the wind.A light breeze will be unable to rotate the heavy blade.The stronger the wind - the more electricity.You also need to calculate the height of the turbine and battery capacity.

Starting price of the turbine is quite high, but the subsequent generation of electricity reimburse the money spent.Kilowatt / hour will cost you an average of 5-10 cents, whereas a kilowatt / hour of diesel generator is 25-100 cents