Set bay window

By Admin | Windows And Doors
18 April 2016

any, even the bright and spacious room will not prevent additional volume.With this task perfectly cope bay window that visually increases room.

works on replacement windows can be divided into the following steps: removal of measurements and the development of a new design of the window;the dismantling of the old window;eliminate defects walls and window sills;installation of new windows and final finishing.

Before starting work on the dismantling of old frames with canvas cover the floor of the room, so as not to damage the flooring.Remove the nails with which the window frame fixed to the wall, and set the frame out.Remove the inner window sill and formwork.

Remove siding or paneling wall around the window and check the condition of the support beams and plywood.As practice shows, these sites often suffer from flowing water and the formation of mildew and rot.Traces of dry rot can be removed with a hand-held circular saw or grinder, and water damaged pieces of plywood should be repla

ced with new ones.

laid in the bottom of the window board quarter-timber and align it with the wedges on the level.An important consideration when installing new windows is its high-quality waterproofing;For this, we recommend the use of aluminum adhesive tape.Lay film on the upper outer edge of the bar and tuck under the free edge of the bar with a spatula.Now you can be sure that the bottom of the window is securely protected from rainwater and can proceed to the installation of new windows.

Install the new window frame and secure it with a few screws.Now, in the framework of bay windows, you can insert the frame.Remember that you must first install and fix the central part of the bay and only then to the side.After installing the upper slope frames should be aligned on the level and enhanced by wooden wedges, and then fill the space between the escarpment and the main walls with foam.

next phase of work is to install a bay window visor.The front hood is a structure of two longitudinal and four cross bars, knocked together a 16-inch nails.To install the visor require several workers, because it is heavy.

established at the visor is attached to the wall using a pneumatic nail guns.The interior space is filled with mineral insulation visor.

visor used for plating thick plywood.Central segment plating is a rectangle and the side made up of two triangles.Plywood sheets attached to the frame of the visor with a pneumatic gun.The junction box frame and visor sheathe a metal bar and covered area to protect the carcass from the window of rainwater.

next step will be the flooring waterproofing layer.Sheets of insulation should be laid so that they overlap the upper edge of the junction hood and on the wall and went 5-7 cm up the wall.Waterproofing is attached to the wall by a stapler, and the edges and joints are glued sheets of aluminum adhesive tape.Flooring in the following order: first the harbor side bevels visor, and then placed on the center of large sheets of waterproof material, overlapping overlapping side plates.

top layer of the roof canopy bay can lay shingles - this lightweight roofing material will not create additional burden on the former bay.Soft tile flooring conducted from the bottom up, so that each successive row of tiles partially overlaps the underlying.

Joints side bevels visor with the capital necessary to reinforce the wall with metal corners for extra protection against leaks window rainwater.After this soft tiles can be laid on the side bevels.Upon completion of installation of roofing material can be returned to the place of the die wall siding.

next stage of work - strengthening the bottom of the window.On the perimeter bay frame nailed wooden blocks that are fastened insulation and waterproof plywood sheets.Then, at the joint between the wall and a wooden window frame mounted brackets, which, on one hand, perform a decorative function, decorating bay, and the other - give additional strength to the construction.Finally, restore the exterior siding or trim the walls in the area adjoining bay windows.

Interior finishing bay windows is to install and painting slopes of drywall and installing a new sill.All corners and joints design windows with interior walls are made of PVC decorative area.