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12 May 2016
Build irrigation system

for irrigation systems Vyacheslav acquired Ufa drip hose LIM (with distances between the drippers 30 cm), and laid him on the bed.On a bed width of 60 cm - It took two lines of hose.He gave his U-shaped bracket of aluminum wire, and a hose bent at 90 degrees.As a result, he turned a solid system of watering the beds.With a conventional quick coupling ("Raco") and Chinese hose 1/2 ", he added the system to the power line. Then, through the valve with a timer (Raco) connected to a downhole pump (Baby M) running KIV-1. That is:Valve opened - the pump involved, the valve is closed - the pump is turned off.

number of irrigated facilities to identify opportunities wells - 400 liters per hour.

total he made three line

first line has a length of 70 meters and a trickling hose watering the beds. Each flower bed it is connected separately by punched tees. In addition to this line, he hooked up 5 external droppers (for watering small beds).

The second line is reser
ved for the lawn.Watering carries splinklernoy system. The size of the lawn around 180-200 sq.m.For irrigation use splinklera 3, to the same line it is connected watering "flower corner".

third line with 2 sprinklers responsible for irrigating potatoes on an area of ​​80 sq.m.

for health system was purchased pump and tool KIV-1 "VISTAA."It was he who follows the pressure in the line, and if it falls - gradually turns on the pump.That is, responsive to the opening of the valve and makes it possible to put a storage heater for shower, make a regular water supply.

Since the pump is connected through its security system (your machine 2 A separate cable), Vyacheslav get "almost" automatic irrigation system, you need only set the time of inclusion.Due to power outages Vyacheslav first irrigation set for 7.00 am and the second at 20.00, otherwise the operation of the pump is not guaranteed.

Comments are

specific deficiencies in the equipment of irrigation Vyacheslav noticed.Only 3 months of continuous operation beat three holes in the hose, but watering is limited by the amount of water from the well and the pressure in the supply hose - no pressure - no sprinklers work, too much pressure - tears trickling hose (according to his observations 3.5 atm. Hose withstands, then breaks).

can save on hose (more optimally positioned timers), and "crowns" for the timer, the filter - the thinner, the better.

Sprinklers best to attach the hose to the 3/4 "or more. At hose 1/2" and 5/8 "- threaded connection cone and the connection fragile.

timers all good, but they need to buy qualitybatteries.

With this system irrigated: 130 sq.m. beds, 80 square meters of potatoes, 200 square meters of lawn, raspberries and flower garden about 20 sqm ,.


  • drip hose 100 meters - 500 rubles;
  • sprinklers at 90 liters per hour - 3 pieces, and 160 liters per hour - 3 pieces of 120 rub. / pcs - total720 rubles;
  • drip hose connector - 110 rubles - 6 pieces - a total of 660 rubles;
  • Chinese hose 1/2 "- 100 meters - 690 rubles;Chinese
  • hose 3/4 "- 50 meters -395 rubles;
  • quick couplings 20 pieces (tees, couplings, plugs, splitters, - 1120 rubles;
  • timers valves - 3 pcs. Of 1310 rubles. Total 3930 rubles;
  • battery "Krona" to the timer - 600 rubles;
  • filter 1 pc. 1000 rubles;

Total spent for the equipment - 9615 rubles

in the near future plans to Vyacheslav entire irrigation system to hide from the eyesimprove the appearance of the area, as well as get off watering in the rain.


draw conclusions about the impact of irrigation on improving the growth of plants - so far, as Vyacheslav crop planting and watering the lawn with the new system the first year. But the beneficial effects of irrigation on the lawn he noticed immediately. The neighbors lawns in the summer just burnt out.

Sprinklers work very beautiful and sunny day Rainbow rises over them!

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