Simple ways to save energy

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03 May 2016

Leaving the windows open, or forgetting to turn off the lights, we rarely think about saving energy.This unconsciousness makes us different from the people of Europe and the US, where the economy has long been a way of life and one of the ways to save the family budget.Of course, utilities abroad several times higher than the Russian, but the increase in utility tariffs will not pass, and Russia.

forecast Ministry of Economic Development by 2011 the price of "communal" catch up with Europe.

rising cost of maintenance of buildings at the Economic Development Ministry forecast
2009 2010 2011
GAS 25% 30% 40%
ELECTRICITY 26% 22% 18%
THERMAL ENERGY 18,5% 18% 20%
- sreednem in the year to the previous year

The coming increase in operating charges will hit the wallets of households, according to the State Construction Committee, consume over 60% of the country's electricity and heat.

Thus, the question of saving one way or another will rise and the Russian

consumers.But to reduce the energy consumption does not necessarily sacrifice comfort: enough to follow a few guidelines that will help significantly reduce the cost of housing and communal services.

replaced by "lamp Ilyich"

"Before leaving, extinguish the light!" - The Soviet call for energy saving is still relevant today.But it is even better to replace the traditional "lamp Ilyich" to modern energy-saving lamps.First consume up to 95% energy for heating and only 5% for lighting.Compact fluorescent lamps are arranged differently, which saves up to 80% of energy at a constant brightness.Despite the fact that the cost of energy-saving lamps above 30-40%, their service life by an average of 10-12 times the lifetime of incandescent lamps.

By the way, in Europe inefficient incandescent recognized a few years ago, and their production is scheduled to cease by 2010.Similar measures adopted in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.According to a joint study by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, the transition to the use of energy saving lamps in the country would have saved about Russians billion.

Pending spending

It would seem that the energy consumption of household appliances and electronics in standby mode, "Standby" is minimalbut this is not true.


Experts have calculated that the TV diagonal 54 cm, which are the most popular among Russians spend in standby mode about 9 kWh / month, stereos - an average of 8 kW / h, and DVD-players - about 4kW / h.If we add to this list of computer equipment, microwave, air conditioning, mobile phone charger, is included in the left socket, and other devices, the total power consumption of appliances in standby mode may reach 350-400 kWh / year.

Therefore, if the technique is not used, it must be switched off from the wall outlet or press the power button.

Class differences and operating features

Not everyone knows that when buying home appliances and electronics, among other things to pay attention to energy efficiency class of the instrument.

The lowest power consuming devices Class "A", followed by the class "B", "C" and "D".Home Appliances Class "E" - "G", which are characterized by high energy consumption, today almost do not produce.

For example, "A" refrigerators require an average of 0.9 kW / h per day, and "C" - about 1.45 kW / h.Thus, energy savings by using the refrigerator of class "A" is about 200 kWh / year.

is key to saving and proper use of household appliances.For example, one-third filled with a vacuum cleaner bag increases the power consumption by approximately 40%.In turn, at partial loading automatic washing machine spends 10-20% of the energy is wasted.The same can be said about the fridge, set near the stove, central heating radiator or heater.

Change windows and insulated doors

In cold weather, warm air escapes through cracks in the wooden window frames.Therefore, they must be eliminated by using a sealant, putty and adhesive seals.An even more effective measure is to install modern window systems, the design of which eliminates gaps.Such double-glazed windows have a continuous loop seal, tight-fitting to the frame and prevents flushing.

Besides windows should change, or warm the front door, as well as to eliminate the gap between the shots on the door and the frame.For example, for thermal insulation "safety deposit" is enough to put a door between the metal and the inner lining layer of insulating material.To eliminate the gaps, you can use self-adhesive sealing gasket made of silicone rubber or rubber EPDM.

Warming the front door and the elimination of gaps significantly improves sound insulation, which is especially important if the door opens into the entrance of an apartment building or on a busy street.

Choosing boiler

reduce the cost of heating can be installed in the building effective boiler equipment.Now everything is more common condensing boilers, gas consumption which compared to conventional reduced by 30%.

By the way, in several European countries, where the problems of energy efficiency has received increased attention, prohibited the use of any gas heating equipment in addition to condensation.Limitations already operating in Belgium and the UK, and in the next few years, similar bans come into force in Spain, Germany and France.

monitor the temperature

By increasing the temperature in a room by only 1ºC heat consumption increased by 6%.Therefore, experts recommend installing all radiator heating systems thermostatic valves that allow you to adjust the temperature range for residential and non-residential premises.

bedrooms for the comfort temperature is around 21ºC, while the kitchen is sufficient and 18ºC.In addition, you must adhere to the optimal mode of ventilation.Always open a window or ventilator leads to greater heat loss.It is much more efficient to fully open the window for a few minutes and then close it firmly.

Attention battery

to the room was warmer, it is not necessary to include electric heaters.First of all, you need to regularly produce radiators accumulated there from the air, which prevents the free flow of water and reduces the efficiency of the heating system.

Do not block the radiators furniture, curtains or decorative screens, as because of such barriers in the room does not get up to 20% of the heat.
Finally, the reduction of thermal energy consumption contributes additional insulation niches in which batteries are located, and installing them in the heat-reflecting screens.According to calculations, it can save about 4% on heating costs.

insulated house

Contrary to popular belief, energy-saving lamps - not the most effective way to save precious energy, because the power of the average light bulb is only 60 watts.A much greater savings can be achieved by abandoning the heater power of 2 kW and overpayments for heating.To do this, you just need a good warm your house.

According to specialists of the company ROCKWOOL, using high-quality thermal insulation material for thermal insulation of walls and roof of a private house of 100 square meters, you can save about 37 500 kW or 77 thousand for heating per heating season.And with the growth of tariffs for electricity projected for the next few years, the numbers will increase significantly.

save on heating is achieved by the ability of insulation to maintain a comfortable indoor climate, effectively protected from the cold.The most popular insulation - on the basis of stone wool.It does not burn, does not emit toxic gases in case of fire, provide good sound insulation and is a long time - about 50 years.

the benefits of insulation are not the owners of their own homes, but residents of apartment buildings.After the reconstruction of buildings, including insulation, heating costs are reduced by half.When installing door-counters of thermal energy cost savings for utilities will be felt for each tenant.

example of successful modernization - the former "Khrushchev" in 1962 built on the street Torzhkovskaya in St. Petersburg.Now this house is not like the legacy of Khrushchev's: thanks to the six Danish companies involved in this project (Velux, Danfoss, Grundfos, Nordic Wavin, Trelleborg and Rockwool) building actually was a new and very European, with warm facades and balconies, new utilitiesand even nine apartments "super" in the attic superstructure.

knowledge of simple ways to save energy will help significantly reduce maintenance payments.In some cases it is sufficient to adhere to rules of rational energy consumption, in others, as in the case with insulation, invest certain funds.However, experience shows that these costs are recouped fairly quickly and not only provide energy savings and budget, but comfortable accommodation.