The door is made of pine

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18 April 2016
Nothing lasts forever ... and the door near her house is no exception.

One of prefabricated doors at the dacha fastbusy rassohlas, soaked and collapsed.She had to make a substitution.

first he wanted to get the door to the store, but the size of the door were, to put it mildly, inappropriate (75 183), the question arises, where to get such dimensions?

spoiled fastbusy threw the door, but left school (box).

Under him began to gather new door.I took the appropriate boards, planed, glued and then again planed for leveling the surface.

Then, using the planer in the door recess planed for "fixing elements" one diagonal and two horizontal and put it all on the glue, and for safety secured "grouse" (for wood screw hexagonal head).

Found in the country among the tools the two loops, and attached to the door of the house.I crashed into the lock and the door is ready.

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