Installation of PVC windows

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17 April 2016
Maxim Ban forum member "Home and Cottage" is building a house of silicate blocks.The other day he brought the window.Over the weekend, he decided to start to install PVC windows in his house.

himself he ordered profile system "Rehau-SibDizayn" (budget option with straight edges), with a mounting depth of 70 mm.Double glazing 40 mm.with energy-saving glass-4E 14-4-14-4 and fittings on windows "Siegen".

Tools for installation of windows

Maxim Ban decided that the best option for fixing the windows in his house - a concrete screws.For the installation of windows, he prepared instruments: a plastic hammer, shear handle the installer, double-glazed windows for carrying prepared sucker punch on the concrete with a drill 6 mm, two level, electric drill with HSS drill a 6 mm screwdriver for Torx 30 screwdriver under the cross, and allnecessary details.As useful devices artificial quarter.

Removing glass

for removal of the glass where there should be rassteklit stub.To do this you need to
have a knife and chisel, to be precise - that the crescent knife.Then, slowly and carefully to shoot glazing beads and remove glazing.

«Artificial quarter»

Artificial quarter - a bar section 45x45 mm.and a length of 1100 mm. (2 copies).They should be mounted on two vertical window openings.These are mounted on two bar size 45h45h45 mm.

window was to the right height, placed under the frame Podstavochny bars.Masons have done exactly the window openings, so Maxim Ban cope with this task easily.

The spirit level correctly set, and a quarter of an artificial fix it.Then it is pressed against the frame by means of clamps.Under the frame enclose a temporary support for the future of foaming bars slots and with their help regulated horizontal level window.


After fastening the whole structure in the frame to drill a hole with a diameter of 6 mm.from the corners of the window at a distance of 150-200 mm.Hole depth should be 15-20 mm.longer than the screw.Then the frame is checked again and adjusted its position if necessary and begins the process of fixing.Maxim screwdriver tighten all screws Pan.To the sides and bottom of it is used 182 mm screws, and for the top 152 mm.not to rest on Laying nets.Clearances foam made of 30 mm.This is the optimal size.

Even if you think that the large window opening do not worry and leave 30 mm.under zapenku.The fact that during installation of the window glass area, and thus the light rapidly decreases.Max Pan Three glass and light was noticeably smaller place.

If the window openings curves under zapenku need more room because the small gap will not put a window on a level in a crooked doorway ..

Many people think that the windows in standard sizes cost less.In fact it is not, because no one makes the window for future use.They are made only for a specific order and size.
competent manager tshatelno checks every aperture, even if the windows are in the same house.The cost of windows depends on the configuration and ways of opening area of ​​windows.At small windows usually administered multiplying factor.

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