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12 May 2016
The summer is over - come autumn.After the summer season it's time summer reports.

summer at the family council decided to build Glinomes while on vacation at the cottage at Tiffany shower.Suburban property is located not close in the Tambov region, and only two weeks vacation.But this does not become an obstacle in the implementation of the plan.

Most of the time he went to the purchase of materials and training to work.Shower decided to build not expensive, but nice and reliable.To build it acquired edging not planed board (not very well dried).Boards treated in the country electroplane.


under the base of the shower, he bought a bar 100x100 mm, and the entire frame made of timber 50x50 mm.In addition, the board used 2000h200h25.Boards 6 m long, he acquired on the market.Given the size of building materials, and for the rational use of the size of the shower decided to do 1x2 meters.This allowed to saw planks of the desired size and with virtually no waste.

During construction Glinomes cover the bottom of the bath and floor boards bituminous antiseptic.After installing the uprights floored.Racks fastened galvanized areas.The height of the rear rack was 2 m., And the front - 2.2m.

finished production of the floor, he began to assemble framework, strengthening pre-rack upright temporary braces parallel started sheathing wall.During the work is constantly changing weather, I had to hurry.And what has otstrugano immediately nailed into place, so as not to wet.


for laying roofing Glinomes used galvanized sheet metal size 1250h2500.It was used because the roof is small and no problems with the cutting and styling, and convenient to carry, turning it into a roll.In working with iron had no problems, he did everything perfectly, even on the threshold trim enough.Galvanizing he secured to the roof with screws with rubber gaskets.

To finish the shower was purchased two packs lining type A, a length of about 2.2 - 2.5 m. It all went to work.Then the door was made and hung in its place.


According Glinomes lighting shower room during the day is enough light from the window, and at night use LED flashlight - convenient and safe to use.Shining brightly and batteries will last a long time.

During the holidays Glinomes did not have time to do everything necessary for the soul.Therefore, with a drain in the season, he decided to wait.And that water is left unchecked, the gap in the floor left 1 cm, through which it goes into the sand.

The following year, in a bath will be installed plastic tank of 200 liters and a tray under the bath, then it will be made of plums.

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