How to choose the RCD

By Admin | Electrical Light
02 May 2016

With leakage currents in his life faced by 90% of people.For example, touching the body of the washing machine, hitting during a drill padded wall wire or, as in the movie "What Women Want", dropping hair dryer into the tub.

RCD In order to avoid the consequences of (burn to death), special equipment, called the residual current circuit breaker (or RCD).

circuit breakers protect people against electric shock as a direct contact (for example, the child put his needle into the socket) and indirect contact (when touched to the door of the refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) With live parts.They can also protect against fire, as prolonged exposure may result in fire leakage wiring.

To RCD successfully fulfilled its tasks, it should be checked once a month using the test button "TEST".In the absence of RCD must be replaced.

How to choose the right protective device?

There are two most important parameters:

  • the nominal value of the leakage current - 10, 30, 100, 300, 500 mA;
  • RCD type - A, AS.

for wet rooms (eg bathrooms), where there are factors that contribute to a more rapid dissemination of current, it is necessary to use the device with minimal leakage current (10mA).

For other premises used to 30mA RCD.
for fire protection using an RCD with the maximum current - 300 500 mA.

the presence in the room of sensitive equipment (computers, printers, machines - the automaton with electronics) should be used RCD type A, because these devices generate leakage currents of another configuration to which the RCD type AC sensitive.

And most importantly when you select the RCD do not skimp on safety, do not look for equipment with minimum prices, because the market there are a large number of fakes.Instead, the full protection of your home, you get the body with wire inside which will not cause harm, but no protection against it will not.