Solar Water Heater

By Admin | Heating
12 May 2016
Produce solar water heater can be yourself, using for these purposes it is available for each material, and the cost of the device and its installation will be repaid the convenience and comfort.

basic solar units:

  • collector,
  • header,
  • tank - control.They

United tubes, and form a closed system.The sun's rays that pass through a glazed frame, absorbing surface of the heat exchanger painted black.Due to this, it is heated and transmits heat to the water.Warm water in the tubes collector expands and gravity rushes into the drip pan, and in its place comes a cold water.The water temperature in the sump is gradually increased.The controller maintains a constant water level in the sump.


main element of the system - heat exchanger.For garden shed its dimensions are sufficient 2200 - 700 mm, which makes it an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1.5 square meters.It can be made from water pipes or flat batteries.When the device of the heat exchanger take two inch pipe and bend them to bending machines so
that when the compound was rectangular frame size of 2100 - 600 mm.This is followed to prepare 12 pieces of 3/4 inch diameter tubes that connect the frame elements.The ends of these pieces must be treated so that they adhere properly to the mating surfaces of the tubes of the frame.The tubes, forming a rectangular frame, every 15 cm drill 13 holes with a diameter 14 mm facing each other.

number of workpieces can be increased, which correspondingly increases and heat transfer.After all items are ready, the structure should be prepared to cook and heat exchanger.It should be attached to the heat-absorbing sheet size 2200 - 700 mm, made of galvanized iron of appropriate size or a number of smaller sheets.Attachment can be made of steel wire of 1.5 mm diameter, twisting them from the opposite side.You can prepare and staples from the wire and cut the thread at the end, pick up the puck and Gadget.Fixing will then be removable, it is an indisputable advantage.Heat-absorbing sheet and the heat exchanger should be painted in 2-3 layers of black enamel paint.

In the manufacture of flat steel heat exchanger battery design color black.


collector housing should be made of wood, which requires edged board thickness of 40 mm, and plywood - 6 mm.Because of the size of the frame boards do 90h240-75 cm, to which is attached with screws from the bottom of the plywood.In the heat exchanger insulation is placed.For it is well placed in the body, should be fixed manifold and heat absorbing sheet to the bottom or wooden case.Mounting can be done a variety of means.

collector must be glazed.For this purpose, the top of the wooden case is selected around the office quarter and across the top of the casing are laid one or two transverse strips, which is joined to the glass.Glass and seal joints should be thoroughly using putty or other material that prevents the ingress of rain water inside the reservoir.

To protect the collector from hail and rain suit hinged cover from two or three parts.On the inner surface of a mirror can be set to direct solar rays reflected inside the reservoir, increasing its capacity.

Since winter heater does not work, you must completely remove the water, for this open faucets and let the water from all tanks by gravity.

If heating is provided by solar in order to obtain the maximum thermal effect on the setting of the collector should be positioned so that it gets the most direct rays throughout the day.It is oriented to the south and is set at an angle of 25-30 degrees.For its location can be selected roof of the house or porch.If the solar power plant intended only for the soul, the collector can be installed in a different location on the gazebo, shed, soul or self-reliance.

Given the seasonality of solar installation, you should keep an eye on the possibility of removing the reservoir for the winter and the transfer of its deposit in the room.For this purpose a flexible connection pipe collector and distributing pipes.