Decoration of windows in the country

By Admin | Windows And Doors
16 April 2016

Now I will tell you how to decorate the window to close them from prying eyes with the help of film and curtains without depriving space sunlight.

you need the following materials:

  1. paint (we took the blue paint Little Pond Company Behr).
  2. inker.
  3. brushes.
  4. curtains.
  5. Brackets for curtains.
  6. guides curtains.
  7. screwdriver.
  8. drill.
  9. screws.
  10. anchors.
  11. film for windows.
  12. Scissors.


  1. Cover anything floor, ceiling, windows and walls to happen to stain their paint roller and paint a wall in which there are windows.
  2. Measure glass surfaces of windows, and put pencil marks on the film for windows.Cut the film according to the markings.
  3. Separate the film from the base and carefully glue on the windows.Begin to stick on top and slowly lower yourself down, smoothing the film to below the air bubbles are not formed.
  4. Attach the upper and lower part of the guide to the curtain, using the supplied screws.
  5. Drill holes in the wall bracket.In this case, the walls were brick, and we used to drill th
    in-walled core bit.Place the brackets into the holes and fix them.
  6. According to the manufacturer's instructions, gather before the end of the guide and place them on the wall.Of the guide connected to the curtains should slide easily inside structures attached to the wall.Nicely arranged curtains in front of windows.We have two kinds of fabrics of different colors - gray and dense translucent red, the result is an unusual design and bright