Wastewater Treatment Bioxy

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11 May 2016
Bioxy - technology is 98% clean, ideal for holiday home and for the whole village.Lineup Bioxy has many different versions, allowing you to approach the selection of a more flexible model, taking into account the specifics of consumer and other factors affecting the achievement of optimal results.

basic principle enshrined in the wastewater treatment technology used in the plant Bioxy is the principle of intensification of the process of biochemical oxidation of organic contaminants protozoa, by dissolving oxygen in the waste liquid and mixed with activated sludge.

On installation Bioxy the patent, during its development of the most modern research and solutions in the field of deep biological treatment.It is possible not only to solve the problem with a virtually unlimited amount of recycled waste water, but also to ensure the highest requirements for this type:

  • presence of circulating water supply (watering, washing machines, etc.);
  • compactness and minimizing footprint without compromising th
    e quality of cleaning;
  • ability to dispense with drains to three months and the complete absence of the need for biological and chemical additives;
  • maximum polymerization is not only constructive, but also all the elements of the system;
  • modularity of all control units, providing the highest level of recovery and maintainability in any environment and at any level of preparedness of the staff.

acquainted with the characteristics of the system, please visit Bioxy www.bioksi.com.There you can find prices of specific products.More ...

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This is possible due to the patented technology and design solutions, of which the first place should include:

  • presence of the aeration tank-denitrifikatora with recessed secondary sedimentation allows for treatment of wastewater in a continuous mode;
  • Availability airlift filter coarse impurities, with a gravitational valve and wash that works reliably in continuous operation and can be easily removed for cleaning without disconnecting hoses;
  • Have automatic flushing basic elements cleaning system by treated water (only possible in the Bioxy produced since 2009);
  • presence control unit assembled from standard electrical products, which are used in minimal amounts;
  • ability to easily access all the important elements of the cleaning system for monitoring and maintenance.

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Editor: Roman Adamov