The windows in the roof of the house

By Admin | Windows And Doors
16 April 2016

the perfect size for a window in the roof of the home is 10 per cent of the total area of ​​the room.

If the room is very large, it is best to make two or three small windows.It will add natural light to the room.Installation of the window with the right approach takes six hours.The first step is to choose the best place on the roof, with the direction of the boards upholstery, roof strength and technology of masonry.It is best to choose a place strictly in the middle between the rungs.After that you start to cut the space under the window and choose the future of glass with a frame of suitable diameter.

After cutting into the ceiling space under the window, select the beam, which will mount for window frames .

Use wood of the same breed, which they headlining room.Creating a window in the ceiling, you should think about its functionality, in other words its ventilation capacity.On a sunny day in the summer hotter just always on the top floor.Having a skylight that can be opened, you will autom

atically receive the ventilation of the room.

But you need to be some work to do.If you are sure that your home in the summer, additional ventilation is not needed, it is possible to make the window tightly.In this case, the builders recommend to consider the option of a convex windows, windows and mosaics.

Attach the window frame to the joists stands on a mount made of stainless steel.

After mounting the window you will find the most important job - to make it airtight.To do this, you need cement and pebbles.Thoroughly clean the beam from chips and other construction debris and dust prokonopatte your window.

Then apply a mixture of cement and pebbles around the perimeter of the window.As soon as the cement begins to harden, several times, open and close the window to cut your window cement hardened properly.An important point in the work on the production of frames and beams for installation of windows is their perfect docking.It makes it difficult, but possible by grinding the surface and fitting the beams to the frame before the window installation.

final step in the completion of the skylight will be his decoration.

on the window like any other curtain can be made by attaching it to the frame with Velcro.If your window is made in view of its opening, and you have a few extra bars, then using a rope or fishing line can be adjusted to open the window.

For this you need stretched along nailed on both sides of the window bars twine or rope.Fix the coil holder and which are used for fixing shutters and tight rope or fishing line attached to the frame itself.Then your window can be opened as much as you want