Use the inverter at the cottage

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02 May 2016

to ensure uninterrupted power supply to garden party galexy456 primarily purchased: 8.8 kW inverter, generator, cable cross-section required (depending on capacity).


then into an electrical panel in the country galexy456 summed up the two cables of cable electricity comes from the network to the inverter from the inverter on another network.

wiring diagram

When connecting the inverter close to oblenergo electricians were, they were not against such "improvements" on the contrary - have shown a keen interest had galexy456 lecture 20 minutes and show what and how.Electricians were very pleased.

On the outside wall of the house, under the balcony, he hung a small plate, which in addition to switching to implement a simple garden lighting scheme MEGA devaysa or automatic transfer switch.And simple AVR - one switch loads on the two supply lines.That is, if there is no current on the main line - it is possible to switch to a backup.In galexy456 role of reserve power line carries

gasoline generator.

Automatic input of a reserve

In the basement he is the inverter and batteries.He has a powerful 8.8 kW inverter and galexy456 notes that two of the battery 190ACH for a very small (you can not shoot a lot of power - the discharge current is large and will kill batteries).In order not to spoil the battery it does not allow high loads when operating on batteries.And in the future will buy a few batteries.The plans of the solar panels on the roof and charge controller and solar panels for hot water.


In cases where the electricity does not serve long (more than 5-6 hours), galexy456 without waiting for a complete discharge of batteries - rolling out the generator on the street and turns it into a special socket on the street panel (standby input).After starting the generator inverter converts the load on the power of it and charges the batteries.

evening he drowns out the generator and guaranteed until the morning light from the inverter.When reappears in the electricity network, the inverter automatically switches off and goes to recharge the battery.


During the whole period of operation of the inverter failure was not.galexy456 tried to connect it to 7kW - inverter broke down.By

noise inverter resembles a good computer system unit with a bunch of coolers in the "charge" or "generation".galexy456 not advised to put him in the house Although less powerful model 1,5-3kVt less noisy, and it is possible to hide in the closet.

For those who have an inverter

galexy456 found that the generation mode "UPS-opim.forma" m menu-MAP provides a much better start any asynchronous devices and loads with high inrush currents.

addition it uses a powerful inverter still MAP-LCD 12V 0,9kVt - in the car on the road for the drill / grinder, and MAP-LCD 12V 3kW - for chain saws and lighting.Felled trees in his garden.

One winter he charged from a friend MAP th 0,9kVt maximum battery charging current, which only he is capable of and during charging fading powerful field-effect transistor.Transistor he soon bought for $ 1.5 and he repaired the appliance.

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