Seven steps towards the selection of ideal shutters

By Admin | Windows And Doors
15 April 2016

house, equipped with the modern trends in architecture and design, today it is difficult to imagine without rolling systems.Due to the variety of colors and shapes of boxes of protective shutters bring to the appearance of the house an element of completeness and originality.With them, your house sparkle with new colors, and you feel the extra comfort indoors.After all, thanks to the rolling shutters on the windows can be stored inside the house pleasantly cool in summer and warm - winter.This blinds become a reliable defender of your windows from stones, sand and dust.

To shutters seamlessly into the architecture of your building and perform their functions adequately, you need a responsible approach to their choice.We propose an algorithm of the seven steps, following which you will be able to choose blinds that are ideally suited to you and match your home.Starting point on the way will be your wishes, especially the building and budget.

So, we proceed to the selection!


CHOOSE protective boxes. Boxes can be overlaid and integrated ("invisible").

distinctive feature of rolling overhead duct Systems is their versatility.Rolls of this type can be installed at any stage of construction - both new facilities during construction and in existing buildings.Even where there is no way to reconstruct the facade.

Today the market offers different types of overhead ducts: circular and semi-circular shape, and boxes 20 and 45-degree, which will perfectly complement the architecture of any building.In this round, semicircular box manufactured by ekstrudii that significantly increases their strength characteristics as well as anti-burglar properties.

installation of roller shutters with overhead duct made taking into account the architectural solution of the facade of the building: the box can be installed directly into the window frames or mounted on the external or internal surface of the walls.

Installing shutters with integrated duct should be laid in the design of the building during its construction or renovation.The box is mounted in a pre-prepared opening in front of a window or door.Thereafter, the front surface of the box is covered with plaster or other finishing materials.Due to this, the box becomes invisible, and the facade of the building is visible only Rolling canvas.


picks Rolling profile. One of the key elements of the protective shutters determining its functional characteristics, a profile, from which the web is rollety.Profili Rolling shutters are of two types - roller rolling and extruded, each of which has its own characteristics.

Profiles prokatkizapolnyayutsya foam roller, which provides additional sound and heat insulation of door and window openings.In this roller rolling profiles combine a sufficiently high strength and low weight.

Extruded due to the greater wall thickness (1.0-1.5 mm) and the presence of the cross ribs can use them for buildings where the strength requirements are particularly high.This will effectively protect your home against burglary and vandalism.

A wide range of different profiles allows to produce a wide range of ready-made roller shutter systems for different purposes.Profiles of the roller-rolling are the ideal solution for homes and cottages.The extruded profiles are ideal for offices, banks, shops, ie buildings, which are increased anti-burglary requirements.


SIZE Rolling profile. At this point determines the width and height of the roller shutter profile, necessary for the effective protection of window and door openings.

When selecting the size of the profile key points are the size of a window or doorway and wind zone in which your home is located.Please note that according to European regulations for each profile, depending on the wind stability and to determine the maximum width of the aperture area, which can be mounted shutters.This is a very important aspect, as our latitude vary in climatic conditions and it is very important to have coped with the blinds maximum wind gust.For example, the group of companies "Alutech" carries out special tests in the wind profile rolling resistance, so it can intelligently choose size profile for windows and doors in all the regions of the Russian Federation.

Regardless of the options window and door openings (non-standard, wide, tall and narrow) experts GC "Alutech" will offer you the best option shutters due to the wide range of sizes of the profile.


guide rail. Tires - a side profiles, which moves the canvas blinds.Their choice depends on the size of Rolling profile, the width of the opening, as well as the requirements for burglary resistance.

For small openings provided small narrow tires.Very wide openings may be separated by special intermediate busses which are also used to protect the openings aligned balcony-window.If you are interested in increasing the antitheft effect shutters, this is achieved through the use of reinforced tires.


SIZE protection box. size is determined by the pipe conduit opening height and frame size rolling profile.

The higher the aperture, the larger protective box, as Rolling fabric includes more slats.Korobaimeyut a wide range of sizes, providing the ability to install shutters on the low and high openings.


management system. Definition management system depends on the weight of leaf rolling, individual preferences and budget.

If you choose to install blinds in country house with a small number of windows and a door, approach one of the options for manual control: tape, cord (inertia, gear), Cordoba, crowfoot or spring-inertia.They differ in terms of carrying capacity - limiting capabilities are limited to 80 kg.

installing blinds in the house with lots of door and window openings, you will appreciate the convenience of automatic control.The actuators are suitable for any shutters, they can be controlled in two ways: using the power switch, and by remote control.The remote control is especially important for homes with lots of roller shutter systems, as it can be used to control all shutters at the same time.

Contrary to stereotypes actuators - this convenience at an affordable price, and if the budget allows, you can stop at a variety of "smart" automation.Through programmable control blinds can be opened and closed at the right time without the direct participation or change its position depending on the intensity of sunlight, wind and rain, as well as to detect obstacles, for example, forgotten on the window pot with your favorite colors.


locking system. locking method depends on the type of management and due to your wishes.

with electric shutters blocked automatically.For shutters with manual transmission used latch lock, automatic locking device or manual bolt.Depending on the set of parts specialists can give you rolling shutters and other recommendations on ways to lock.

Choosing Rolling systems, pay attention to colors and surface rolling systems, which can be both in a glossy texture and in shagreen.A wide range of colors will allow you to pick exactly the combination that is ideal for your home.Creating new solutions for your home with the help of roller shutters, you make contributions to your comfort and safety.

And in this way all seven steps.Make them with "Alutech"!