Surface water from the area

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11 May 2016
differing systems of linear and point drainage.

Linear drainage is a system of channels connected to each other in line.The channels can be closed bars of different materials depending on the grade load and the degree of water absorption.

Linear drainage is the most effective and efficient way to organize the drainage over a large area, becauserequires serious preparation surfaces, simply perform a bias towards the line channels.This method reduces the likelihood of subsidence increases the catchment area, reducing the length of the sewage pipes, which in turn reduces the amount of earth works.

Linear drainage is easy to maintain.To clean it, you just need to remove the protective grilles and extract trashbox accumulated sand and debris.

Another advantage of linear drainage system is that it can be installed on a finished floor, at the last stage of construction.

Point drainage - is used for local collection of rainwater and meltwater.The main objective of the system is the drainage point increas
e in service life of foundations and pavings buildings, prevention of flooding basements.
point drainage system can consist of elements such as iron and plastic drain boxes, ladders, livnesborniki.

Features drainage point:
  • sewer system includes a group of utilities, so optimal, if the system is designed point drainage in the design phase;
  • surface requires more complex gravity layer compared with the linear drainage;
  • significant amount of earthworks for laying sewer pipes;
  • need to consider the location of existing underground utilities in the design and installation of drainage point.
Thus, we can conclude that at industrial sites, car parks, and just home gardens is to give preference to a system of linear drainage.

Do not forget that both the drainage system can be installed separately from each other and be combined into a single system of surface drainage, if the conditions require to equip the territory.

Lawn lattice is used in cases where it is necessary to provide transportation or parking lot while preserving green space.

The objects, which can be applied lawn grids are car parks in the yards of homes, office area, fire access roads, sports facilities, etc.

Plastic edging is used to separate the beds and lawns from the pedestrian area.
Functions waterproofing layer of green lawn that keeps the boundary layer of grass from drying out.
Made of high-density polyethylene has a high frost resistance (up to 40C).Border set of straight and curved contours.To create smooth bends is necessary to remove a thin jumper.