Light control system

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01 May 2016

Thinking about the interior design of apartments, town houses, office, paid a lot of attention not only one finishing materials, furniture and household appliances.How wonderful it would not design, it is necessary to properly teach, produce the maximum gain in the design.And the primary role in this play lighting.

natural light entering the room during the day can help to address this issue, but confine them impossible.We need to come up with sources artificial lighting, making comfort in an atmosphere at any time of day.

Light control system

Previously, when the interior was sufficient presence chandelier or sconces, floor lamp or a lamp.Life makes us ordinary problems and their solutions.There are new rules in the interior.

If you want to have a great festive meal, you'll need a lot of light, and for dinner by candlelight, watching a movie or tea would be enough for some not very bright light sources.Deal with that light control system.With it spotlights on the ceiling, highlight only the relevant sections, dependi

ng on what is currently happening in the room.If funds allow the customer to make something else, they offer convenient options for lighting control.

Considering all these criteria in addition to designers and facilities planning division it to the zone and think about the location of lighting fixtures and their quantity.

Such options are numerous: from conventional switches to control panels individual lamps or lighting in the entire apartment.In our case, we will focus on smart home system.Since this system provides ample opportunities for managing lighting.

Automatic control

There are two ways to automatically lighting control.

first - to equip each room with different control buttons.Each button will be responsible for a specific lighting fixture - Chandeliers, sconces, a system of spotlights.In this case, light control will be from anywhere in the room.

second way - establish special sensors.The light turns on instantly as soon as you enter the room, and after a certain time after it leaves off.Very handy if you both hands are busy and you can not press the switch.But the switches the automatic control in general are not canceled, if it is necessary to turn off the light, staying in the room, it can be easy to make by hand.

Brightness control lighting

always possible to adjust the brightness of the light.It is convenient to with a remote control, but this is not the last way.You can adjust the brightness
make a separate panel, and you can make a part of the light control timer.

Lighting Control Timer

Many live on the regime.It is possible to program the light on and off timer at the right time.You can also change the automatic settings.The light in the evening and at night at certain times will be included only the desired output, enough to go in the right direction and take the right thing.

Lighting control by time of day

When the rain might be enough light to illuminate.Cope with this problem a special sensor that will capture the light level and, if necessary include lamp.

Create light scenes

possible to make the inclusion of several lighting devices and remember frequently used programs by using the creation of light scenes.
Highlight individual elements of the interior of the building or on the desired scenario.It is very convenient and effective function of the program smart home.

Presence simulation

If you travel frequently or absented himself on business, but do not want to have your house in the absence of any observed you just need intelligent lighting control system.This system will create a sense of presence to your home.Light in different rooms will be switched on and off, the brightness will be regulated by home automation system.This simulation will help protect you from other people during your departure.

Intelligent smart home lighting saves electricity, will help create intricacies design space, create the right mood in a particular room, then when you need it.No need to remember whether the light is off somewhere or not.

New models can do to control a PC or cell phone.

Editor: Roman Adamov