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14 April 2016

On peculiarities of plastic windows tell us Alexei Kuznetsov, sales manager of the company "Euro-windows" and Eduard Shchukin, deputy head of department managers designers.

First we need to decide for what purpose you plan to put plastic windows, for example, because of the insulation due to thermal insulation or to just be beautiful.From this will depend not only all the main characteristics of the window of your future, but also, of course, its price.

And now a little about the intricacies.

main point is mainly determined by the properties and functionality of windows - this design of the profile system.We pay attention only to the fact that these designs are different depending on the type of window.As an example can serve as a narrow three-chamber profiles profile system or the broader five-chamber.From the type of profile designs are directly dependent properties such as the windows and soundproofing insulation (respectively, broad design have higher rates).

themselves as double-glazed window

s are divided into types: single- and dual-chamber.In triple-pane windows better sound and heat insulation, but if you are not very noisy courtyard apartment is warm enough - you can well do double glass pane.

Another feature double glass pane, which is worth paying attention to: if the apartment high humidity, the box often start to sweat.This problem can be avoided by a single-chamber glass with energy-saving glass.Its main feature is that it works on the principle of a double-glazed thermal mirrors - warm in winter does not go through it to the outside, and is reflected back into the room.

the following criteria for selection - color.There are 2 ways to make the color of the windows: profiles can either be painted or covered with a colored laminate.Choosing a color palette is unlimited, so you can safely unleash the imagination.

for suburban buildings are often of great importance shape of the window - it can also be completely different.For example, a bright red car with opening "doors" - why not?According to its main indicators is unusual window will not differ from their classic "brothers."

Be sure to think about and discuss how your windows are open.There are variations: each flap may be as simple pivoting (in this case a window will be opened only in the classical way) and folding (in this case the box can "tilt" for ventilation).

window design also can be selected individually: for example, the sash can be added on top of the window and make it flip.Also quite popular is the option when the window opens completely - that is completely open both sash.This option is very useful in cases where the window will be something to slip into the house (or vice versa).

width window sills and slopes can significantly increase the cost of installation.Also, the cost will depend on the type of house: cheapest will cost installation (and removal) in the panel house, a little more expensive - in the brick house, the high price of the installation is in the "Stalin."

However, if you want (or do not have the possibility to invite experts), you can try to mount the box yourself.In this case, you can give us guidance on how to properly take measurements to further the design came to the doorway;well acquainted with the main technical points (gap dimensions and other niceties);and you can always order a mounting kits that will mount the box yourself.

express our gratitude to the company "Euro-windows" and personally Alexey Kuznetsov and Eduard Shchukin

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