"The door is nicknamed The Beast": About the beauty of steel doors

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13 April 2016

door open house, and the house - a personality and the spirit of the family, the most sacred for contemporary Muscovite, and perhaps the only thing you can try to save in a huge metropolis.If the mentality of our citizens steel door - a mandatory element of the protection of home, beauty and a choice of finishes, are the first priority in selecting multiple range of steel doors.

few years ago, manufacturers market entrances and interior designers admired the creative discoveries of the "Door nicknamed The Beast" - a collection of trimmings "Design door", developed for the company by the studio "OPEN! Design & amp; Concepts".The most creative finds the best Russian designers, creators expressed even in the names of finishes: "Out on the diagonal", "Mail", "The Da Vinci Code", "Incoming Blade Runner", "Children love it", "Military", "Loginhistory "and others. For trendy interiors, perfect for precise equilibrium concept of interior design - from the loft to the colonial, from kindergarten to the home

of hard-individualized hi-tech, from art house to romance, you can choose your business card entry.

But the company did not stop in his creative search and the next there are three conceptual collection.Each of them meets the most demanding individual.Collection "Magic Wall" - from the Malaysian master calligraphy character and a great connoisseur of the teachings of Feng Shui, Mr. Yee.This collection of finishes, of course, for those who are passionate about the East, who creates his own house on the harmonization of the laws of the Universe and Space Feng Shui and for those who simply want to protect your house from evil spirits and use the amulet and the mythical character of the animal on the surface of the front doorto protect their homes from freelance attacks.

Collection "Fairy door", developed by Sergey Chugunov - unique illustrations of children's fairy tales, opening your home world of childhood, creativity and play.A striking multi-layered storyline fairy tales told in graphics Sergei Chugunov, gives every parent the opportunity to create, write and be a little wizard.

And the latest addition - a collection of fashionable finishes artist Nikas Safronov literally blew up the market and approaches to the design of the entrance area.Inspired by the new possibilities in interior design and, importantly, it is the entrance to the house - Nikas Safronov gave the company more than 30 images - delete the word of his paintings for use as an image on a steel door paneling.And now - with the author's series of paintings of the most different style, themes, creative and meaningful concept - is the absolute leader in inquiries and sales company "Door nicknamed The Beast"

surface of the door with illustrations and paintings are of high quality images, even from a distance of 5 cmthe eye can not find differences in the press and the real figure on the canvas.Almost each of the selected finish, the customer gets the author of a gift: a series of puzzles by Sergei Chugunov, a copy of Nikas Safronov picture autographed by the author and others. In addition to the trendy and unique finishes, finishes in the collections "The door nicknamed The Beast" presents the classic versions: veneer finish, natural wood, and even oak.

If we talk about the main consumer as steel doors - burglary, any "Door nicknamed the Beast" corresponds to the highest standard - 1st class burglary according to GOST 51113-97.By the way, the Russian GOST burglar - the most demanding in comparison with international standards for steel doors and even a little Russian market counterparts who received 1st class burglary.A durability, maintainability, and the warranty period are confirmed by numerous service offerings of the company, for example - the service "Insurance helmet", "Warranty against cracking" and others. To improve the sound insulation and zapaho- steel door - has developed a special technology, service "sound barrier".

And the main novelty for those who make repairs.In the process of repair is always a problem - on the one hand the installation of expensive door can cause damage during the repair process, and with another - lack of reliable protection of the entrance to the house, where the materials are expensive to repair, plumbing and furniture, provokes a theft.In "door nicknamed The Beast", a special service "protective shell."On the door of the box and a steel door applied 3M special film that is usually used to protect the surface of the vehicle during transportation.The film can withstand a blow to the tangent, and when removing it from the surface of the trim panel steel door - leaves no adhesive residue.Apart from this decision, you can select the basic package and the door ", nicknamed the Beast", and in the end choose the repair and install finishes, suitable for design your interior.

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