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12 April 2016

modern country house is hard to imagine without a full attic.The dusty, cluttered loft in the past, and now we are increasingly surprised once before did not see the obvious benefits of additional living space of our house - the attic!

durability and functionality

Skylights FAKRO - environmentally friendly product made from pine winter harvesting high quality without knots (class 1A).Glued layers of wood impregnated with antiseptic and covered with a polyacrylic water-based varnish that ensures safety, functionality and durability of windows

Council : Positioning window should be at least 80-110 cm above the floor, because the higher it is set, theIt gives more light.An important advantage of mansard windows FAKRO is the location of the handle at the bottom of the window that allows you to set the window to a height of 110-170 cm above the floor.

Reliability and safety

High security windows FAKRO achieved through the use of innovative solutions to strengthen the lock window sash:

  1. new method of fixing loops of window: a strengthened larger diameter screws, screwed at an angle in a wooden sash element preventspulling loops and the possibility of pushing the flap.
  2. improved closing element: metal piece allows to strengthen the element of closing the window sash and make even more reliable.
  3. additional steel member at the bottom of the leaf makes it difficult to hack using special devices.

system topSafe - not only is the security of residents of the house, but also people engaged in repair or assembly work on the roof.

teplosberezheniya and frost

Frost-saving double glazing filled with argon and equipped with a remote warm frame TGI, prevent the formation of condensation, thus increasing the service life of windows and providing the warmth and comfort of your attic all year round.

Council : How else can avoid condensation in the attic windows?

  • window slopes need to be insulated and quality are correctly positioned: the upper slope must be parallel to the floor, perpendicular to the bottom.
  • Always place the heat source by the window for proper circulation of warm air.
  • Try to maintain optimum indoor temperature and humidity.Ventilate the room regularly.

for the coldest regions of the Russian special superenergosberegayuschy perfect set of "Solution for Russian winters."

Free technical service FAKRO

Council : When choosing skylights also pay attention to after-sales service.FAKRO company unique in the market, which provides a completely free technical service, regardless of the cause of damage and the date of purchase.

your child playing soccer and accidentally broke the window?Or glazed damaged during transport or installation?You do not need to explain anything, just please call +7 (495) 995-80-02, fill out the application and get the new part, regardless of the cause of damage!The program of free technical service of unlimited duration and is valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation.

Popular models of roof windows FAKRO

FAKRO FTS-V U2 / FTP-V U3 .Models with srednepovorotnym opening windows fitted with energy-saving windows with tempered glass and external ventklapanami.FAKRO FTP-V U3 is characterized by a heat-insulating frame TGI and automatic ventklapanom V40P.

FAKRO PTP-V U3. Model with srednepovorotnym way of opening, made of multi-chamber PVC profile in white, reinforced with galvanized steel profiles.These windows are indispensable for use in rooms with high humidity such as kitchen or bathroom.

FAKRO Thermo. Superenergosberegayuschie skylights.Equipped with two-and three-chambered warm frost-resistant windows.The space between the panes filled with inert gas krypton.

FAKRO FPP-V U3 preSelect.In this model roof window opening there are two ways: srednepovorotny (rotation sash performed at an angle of 180 °) and a suspension (open occurs on the upper shaft at an angle from 0 ° to 35 °).

FAKRO FDY-V U3 Duet proSky.The divided roof window with raised axis of rotation flaps.The maximum height of the model is 255 cm. It is a great alternative to the vertical set of two windows, providing additional space lighting.The window is equipped with an automatic anti-condensation valve V40P with a capacity up to 49 m3 / h.

FAKRO FGH-V P2 Galeria - double-wing roof window-balcony.Both the model sash can be opened independently.Opening the bottom flap creates extra space, transforming the window in the balcony, and the presence of side rails makes operation easy and safe.

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