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10 May 2016
To start the drill well they are primarily purchased:
  • Asbestos pipes d-200 - 4 pieces (3 pcs handy) - $ 92.5;
  • stainless steel wire 1 mm.5 kg.- $ 12.5;
  • cloth to filter water - 12.5 $.

Everything else - hardware, fasteners, tools were taken from friends or make yourself.

Then they determined the place where you can arrange well.To build a "rig" - turned the pyramid of three felled dry pines.Securely attach the winch and wire rope stretched across the block to raise and lower pipes.


the beginning of the drilling KSP late.Drilling was carried out manually.When he arrived at his father, together with the second son has drilled 5 meters.During the drilling of the first meter went a sand, clay and then went.Before they reached the aquifer when drilled 9 meters of soil that passed pretty quickly.

drilling does not always go smoothly.Several times across the stones that were removed, and drilling continues.

When, after drilling the drill raised nearly empt
y, was being lowered into the hole of the pipe.Total dropped three chimneys.

Subsequent drilling continued using the bailer and the pipe fell to 11.5 meters.At this depth, they stopped drilling.After finishing work, "drilling" pipe sprinkled first river sand, then fine gravel.

For several days, they pumped water from a well, wait until it becomes light.It is a little muddy, but no smell, tasty and cold.Father KSP worried that the water is not clarified.But we must be patient because it may take a month.

they pumped water pump "Kid" for 30 minutes, it ends.After 10 minutes of idle pump again, but it suffices to have only 10 minutes.

as they used filter cloth, which is wound on the tube and fixed with wire.So the pros do.His father does have a second well in this way.Last drilled up to 6 meters, and the fabric on the tube secured the nylon thread in the absence of wires.In any case, the openings in the tube do not overlap wire, and water passes freely through the filter.

Time spent on drilling

Most of the time - 2 weeks - has gone to prepare for drilling: is the production of clutches, wound filter assembly equipment, drilling, etc.Samoa drilling, installation of pipes and deepening Bailer spent 2 days by two people.Sometimes it helps third.

Despite the fact that the well gives a little water, KSP, and his father did not get frustrated because they have the main thing - independent water supply problem.And to ensure the water a family of 3-4 people that the water may be enough.The main thing is that it lightened and pleasant taste.

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