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10 April 2016

problem of choice arises whenever there is a choice.Twenty years ago no one would have never occurred to think about it for more than five minutes.Which box to choose?Wood, painted - others do not ... Today the market offers a selection to suit different tastes and budgets: wooden, solid or laminated veneer lumber, with plastic or aluminum profiles, combined ... Although basic options really is not much to choose is not easy, andHere to make a mistake - very simple.

Experience participants shows: first, to determine what prevents - an abundance of inaccurate information emanating from both manufacturers and sellers seeking any means to "promote" their products, and from disinterested "highly experienced" counselors, oftenI suspect that for the good advice they give misconceptions, myths and outright disinformation.

try using inmates understand where useful truth, and where - a harmful fiction.

So, the first important piece of advice: please be skeptical.Here's how

it formulates forumchanin researcher.


- My Life teaches that the statements of experts related to the production or sale of, about what they are doing application, be sure to be subjected to critical analysis.Most often, this approach is justified.

To this we can add one more laconic farewell: Do not blindly believe the advertising!

Another important factor, which is sure to be considered when starting a choice: comparing window profiles of different materials, it should be "tabulate" window about the same class and price range.And in any case do not take into account products of poor quality, and even installed correctly.It makes no sense to compare the price of plastic windows "above average" with inexpensive wood and vice versa - in any case, the comparison is flawed.And almost half of the success depends on proper installation.The window can be any good, but incorrect installation would nullify all his dignity.

now deal with some of the popular myths and tenacious.Here are a couple of the most commonplaces.

PVC windows, in contrast to the "natural" release toxic compounds, and the plastic over time, turn yellow, and "degraded."For such "authoritative" opinion is now scoff at.Firstly, to make PVC allocate body harmful compounds, it must be ground and eat.Well, or melt and breathe properly.If plastic yellow - it means you worked hard and found the most-the cheapest offer, to which the word "quality" does not apply.With the same quality of PVC products such simply does not happen.

Many disputes between supporters of wood and plastic is on the theme "breathing - is not breathing."Say, "dead" tight plastic clogs room, as opposed to wooden frames, oxygen permeation.The common opinion in this regard cites forumchanin Hammond :

«Wood - a natural material consisting of a plurality of cells, between which there are microscopic pores to pass air.Thus, even when installed and sealed tightly closed box in the apartment will get oxygen, which is lacking in our body. "

One would like to believe, right?Alas, the argument is good for beginners, trusting leaflets.Hardened in construction projects and repairs inhabitants offline smash it to smithereens.Modern wooden frames are impregnated with different "chemistry" - by wood beetles, swell, rot and fading.What is already here "breath"!


- This refers to the windows of a simple woodwork, not even covered by anything.Think of such Soviet windows only covered with a huge number of layers of paint, they will be allocated at burning the hell.But even they are countless layers of varnishes and paints constantly swell and crack and rot.That's why there were PVC windows of laminated veneer lumber.The way to the tree "kill" (ie, make the most static), also used chemistry.


1. The tree is moisture, rather than air, otherwise it will be purged, that is simply unacceptable.

2. Wood for frames used glued and through a layer of adhesive does not pass.

3. And from the outside and inside of the tree is covered with a thick layer of varnish, polyurethane, in most cases, which also did not pass.

Conclusion: and wooden, plastic windows and ventilate the room can not be avoided.And in general, ventilation, heat and humidity in the room - the question is not material windows and ventilation systems.

By the way, it's time to clarify what is meant by "wooden" windows.One option - it is a budget and suits many, especially the owners of the houses "on the ground" - the so-called "woodwork", simple wooden frames.


- Plastic Plastic strife.Just like a tree.I stand wooden double glazing (never glazed), made at the nearest mill, but it is clear from a dry tree and a man with his hands.Nothing never snapped, not twisted, is not blowing and the siphon.The only thing they have to renovate the south side, and not only "shkurochkoy and Lacko," but seals from time to time change, crumbling into dust, do not even know, whether from the sun or from frost.

But the recognition of the majority, from a practical point of view, "woodwork" can hardly keep up with the high-quality plastic windows.


- Wooden (not the Euro) all good, but:

1. To paint them regularly.

2. Wood breathe (do not open the gap).

3. Years 10-15 rot.

4. Accessories to them (again, not the Euro) miserable.

another matter - the so-called "euro-windows', the same double-glazed windows, but from specially treated wood profiles of high quality, often - with aluminum decor.Durability, functionality, used furniture - these windows are not inferior to PVC profiles.And in terms of aesthetics - they certainly surpass.The plastic can be painted in any color and laminated wood - this option is more expensive than plain white, but it can not compete with the natural texture and beauty of the tree and left plastikom.Uvy, for the beauty you have to pay: high-quality wooden windows will cost much more equalthe class and quality of PVC profiles.

It turns out that the choice, anyway, have to do, starting from their own subjective feelings, needs, and of course, financial opportunities.

That's what this consultant thinks Olegos33:

- Modern wooden windows and PVC is:

a) the price difference (heaven and earth);

b) the practical operation of the PVC:

c) maintainability, too, for PVC:

g) mechanisms and glazing generally the same (different brands and packaging only):

d) aestheticsbehind a tree.But the decor and PVC is not enough;

e) functionality is almost identical;

g) technical possibilities to execute from PVC is much broader.

It makes sense to get acquainted with the expert opinion of forumchanin Gvido .

Gvido :

- plastic. most important benefit - the cost of products.Less - restrictions on dimensions and wind loads.The plastic is not all the plans can be realized. tree. most important thing in wood (the European standard) windows - their structural versatility.90-95% of your ideas can be implemented precisely in the tree.Overall dimensions are only limited production capacity.Windows themselves can do a lot more elegant.For example, in Bivalve box can be aligned skylights dull parts and casement - both in height and width.You can make a wavy leaf.That is to say, every whim for your money. the minuses. Anyway, this tree and it is necessary to look.More precisely, for the lacquer coating.Once a year, to handle special equipment.The coating is exposed to ultraviolet light and must be updated periodically.Installation of wooden windows has its own specifics, and illiterate installer can permanently damage the product.And, of course, the cost of wood (the European standard) window is 1.5-2 times higher than plastic.The rest - and plastic, and wood alike.It all depends on your imagination and the thickness of the purse.

Those who want to study more closely the question of choice and detail, it is useful to visit this section of our forum - here discusses the different types of windows and window profiles, installation issues, and of course, there is endless dispute - which window is best?Here you can read a few tips on what variant under what conditions should be preferred, and here and here debunks myths and promotional gimmicks that prevent come to realize your dream.Video on how to choose a plastic window can be viewed at this link.