My long road to water

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10 May 2016
Since the farm ceased to exist, which is located on the territory of a country site Vladimirz56, in this populated area once had difficulties with water supply.

For giving water to dig a well, he did not, and for drilling wells need to have the equipment.At that time he was not aware of the different ways of drilling, so I started to build a mobile unit auger drilling.


In July, after the complete assembly of the rig, he started drilling boreholes with a diameter of 200 mm.At a depth of 6.4 m. I went soft moist soil, and immediately after that went squish.

At a depth of 9 meters, the drill reached the very solid and sticky clay, and so-called slurry was at a level of 5.8 meters.

It was a dry summer, and this pleased him very much.Vladimirz56 began to prepare a column with a filter.And as a filter material used by the company "Kalan."Dipped column in the well, but the water never came, because inside was a mess.Therefore, it is nothing to do but how to do Bailer and her and installation
of cable-drilling.The sample found on the forum "Home and Cottage" for which he is grateful to the forum users.

setting makes folding and lifting for yourself, because I'm used to work alone.But without an assistant in this business it is difficult to do, so he helped his wife.

cleaned after cooking it, "porridge", the pump down and began to swing, but after filling the bucket 7 water suddenly came to an end and there was again only after 15 minutes.and the procedure is repeated again.

This amount of water it did not suit, and he decided to go deeper.Pubescent column decided not to take, and boosted two more meters and dropped a little lower to the water through the filter does not leak into the tunnel.

Vladimirz56 manufactured and weighted cups for rain pipes.It is not known how much more he drilled the ground, but after four days of 18 meters he reached the water.

Throughout the drilling rig has never stopped and is not jammed.Perhaps this comes from the fact that the weight of only 87 kg weight and could not hit the ground to a greater depth.

remains only one thing - to equip the well and elevate the area around it.

construction fence

second time drill rig was useful in the construction of the fence.Per hole depth of 1.5 meters and a diameter of 250 mm.needed only 15 minutes time.

Editor: Roman Adamov