Designing lighting in the garden

By Admin | Electrical Light
01 May 2016

Materials and supplies

  • should choose lighting depending on the area, home design, budget, and preferences of the owner;
  • source voltage;
  • required number of wires according to the number of lighting fixtures;
  • The correct transformer, depending on the amount of lighting and features such as an internal or photoelectric control;
  • Ceramic tubes for wiring under the tracks;
  • 3,8sm galvanized screws for fastening the transformer;
  • small flags or stakes to determine the location of lighting fixtures;
  • cable clamp to the buildings.

Tools and equipment for lighting planning

  • landscaping;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Paper with grid (graph paper);
  • catalog lighting;
  • few lanterns of varying intensity to select the proper location lighting.

need to install:

  • Garden hose / conduit for wiring under the ground;
  • Shovel for digging trenches for wires under the ground (you can also use the machine to trim lawn edges);Scissors for wire / wire stripper to cut;
  • rake for raking mulch or stones - for install
    ation and cable coverings;
  • screwdriver and drill for fixing the transformer.

Placing communications

  • number and type of lighting depends on the features and character of the landscape, as well as the preferences of the owner.For outdoor lighting, you can use different types of lighting, including lighting for tracks / safety, security lighting, "silhouette", lamps set into the track guides light up / down, etc..
  • Before planning the location and installation of outdoor lighting must be addressed moreimportant issues:
  • thought about outdoor lighting is only after will be installed all landscape elements.This will allow you to see all aspects of the design, and decide how lighting can emphasize the most important details.Try to make your lighting system is flexible - so it can be changed when the plants grow.
  • If you are not completely versed in electricity, it is better to turn to the master for the installation of underground pipes and cables.If you are also provided irrigation system, you need to plan its location - it is necessary to know exactly the location of the controller, pipes, cables and sprinkler heads.
  • If you have a site there is a track crossing the intended line of lighting, the cable will need to lay underneath.It also better to turn to professionals.
  • Electricians also need to connect the outdoor lighting, creating a chain and install floodlights.

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