How to make a wooden box?

By Admin | Windows And Doors
09 April 2016

We were born to make a fairy tale come true!It is this expression is the motto for most users all, our readers on their own to build houses of laminated veneer lumber, manufactured cranes and compactors.Now is the turn of talk about wooden windows.

most often thought of in the manufacturing sector homemade desired or necessary parts occurs at the stage of construction of the house.This is not surprising, because all funds go to the construction site, and want to save.Install wooden windows in the house - the dream of many, that's just the price they bite.

This factor was decisive to our user with the nickname Ravildon decided to roll up their sleeves and make their own wooden box.

Ravildon based his profile Finnish windows.Also, he took the following tools:

  • manual router;
  • cutter for cutting microspikes;
  • movable carriage.

blanks for windows cut out of the timber.To obtain the profile of the desired length and thickness, beforehand otortsovannoe wood glued togethe


interesting approach to the treatment of wood with the nickname forumchanin cyan__. Bought timber it first passes through the marking gauge and ends on the circular saw with a homemade device - high rip fence with the guides and rulers of 0.5 mm.After gluing profiles and pre-fitting accessories cyan__ polishes and paints wooden profile.

Members Active recommends that you train on rough workpieces and only then move on to working parts.


- In order not to get lost in the blanks, cut lumber, I then enumerated and arranged on the pack.

Quarter and groove under seal - to the depth of 6 mm and a width of 35mm, forumchanin chosen for circular saw, but to get a clean cut and smooth, he made the machine.

For this Halvastarshy welded frame, and a movable table attached hand circular saw.SinceProfile rectangular grooves, then there is no need to use forumchanin shaped cutter.Cutting depth is adjusted moving the focus, and height - a set of plates and rectangular pipes.


- I cut a groove in 5 passes, gradually changing the thickness of the plates , putting the emphasis on the pre- otortsovannom bar, and all sizes of logs.

order not to spoil detail forumchanin leave allowance of 1.5 mm on the treatment ends.Then glue the flap, hold powerful piece clamps.Finished products Halvastarshy then enumerated and piled in a pyramid.

In operation forumchanin have a question: whether it is necessary to enhance the profile of the steel sash corners under heavy glazing?


- When I made wooden windows, the sash is not strengthened, just cut the spike 3 and put them on the glue.

To test the strength of the leaf, can be glued one angle and load, its weight in half glass.

What if blanks for windows visible seams and edges left by the cutting tool?


- There is a trick: if you can not completely hide the defect, it is necessary to emphasize.


- Becausesharp edges are colored bad paints and varnishes, I rounded edges do not, and cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

immigration to chamfers on the joints to hide the errors occurring during the self-production of the window.To details of United looked even better, do not remove the chamfer at an angle of 45 degrees, and are rounded to a radius of 3 mm.In sharp surface layer of paint are usually thinner.These faces are the most vulnerable to exploitation, and to paint sharp corners cleared faster!

Once all the parts are made, proceed to the assembly window.

- If there is no assembly Clamps - small press for bonding wood products, you can use the lashing belt with ratchet.Tighten the belt around the frame, at a distance of 10 cm from the corners puts a boss and ratchet Asking necessary effort.

Many people are interested in the question: Is the game worth the candle, and easier to buy a ready-made wooden box?Indeed, apart from the purchase of materials, special tools and accessories, necessary to spend private time, which, as we know, is never enough.Referring to the experience of members of the forum.


- I calculated that self-made wooden box measuring 2x2 meters, taking into account all the material cost me about $ 500.

lot or a little?For example, the price of the purchased wooden box 2x2 m of larch or oak starts from 40-70 thousand. Rub.And in addition to material costs, should be considered a huge moral satisfaction of knowing that the windows of your home are made with their own hands.And as the experience of our members of the forum - in any case the main desire, and experience will follow!

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