Flooring heated

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09 May 2016

typical system, which is installed under the floor covering for its heating, is a series of thin tubes held up and down the entire perimeter of the floor.On top of this intricate system is covered with a special fire and prevent its getting wet pavement, and only then by the floor covering.Through the tube, which are mounted under the floor covering, hot water is circulated, it enters the system through a hose connected thereto.It provides the circulation of water floor heating.

Heated floors have many advantages.Fabric, which lay between the pipes and the floor itself has good thermal conductivity and protects against fire, as imbued with a special liquid.The system installed under the floor, enters the same water as in the heating pipe of the house.Recently, systems have been developed taking into account the temperature control of sex, but as practice shows, this function is almost not needed.In addition, there will be a mini system that rather than heat, and heated floor.It is based on the same
system of tubes, but it just podgladyvayut under any carpet and connected to an electrical outlet.

enough to have a heating switch, and thus the switch.Sex rarely becomes unbearably hot, the temperature is usually the most comfortable feet.The secret of this system is that the floor is heated constantly and evenly cools, which makes it unbearable heat in the room at a constant turn on the floor heating.Experts, however, recommend the use of the room, where there is underfloor heating, air humidifier.

How does

floor heating was originally coined as a separately existing system, which is used mainly in private homes and country, and does not depend on the central heating.The heart of the system - boiler, which heats the water.It can be placed in the garage, basement or porch.Most systems floor heating runs on gas, but there are those that use electricity or coal.From this boiler heated water is fed through a small recycle pump through a hose into the tube system, which are located under the floor.Collector system is usually located in the room closest to the accessible wall cavity.It has several pressure regulators and flow of water.The water circulating through the tubes after the system goes back to the boiler heat, where it is heated again.Thus, this system does not expend large amounts of water for heating rooms.


Heated floor system is mounted on the standard banks carcass flooring.The spacing between the roof beams and pipes of the heating system must be maximally reduced.Furthermore, it must be calibrated resistance partitions carcass.They must withstand the weight of the system and the tube and the floor.One of the important conditions - a seal between the pipe and the floor itself, which has already been discussed above.And also for the protection and protection from moisture absorption sex is necessary to lay a special plastic coating.

After underfloor heating system pipes will be laid, and the top coat has not yet been laid, it is necessary to connect the entire system and check its operation.The final step will be the laying of the floor.Developers heating system is recommended as a floor covering to use plaster, concrete.And then this foundation decorate carpet, wood, tile, vinyl, marble or any other material.The layer of concrete or gypsum is recommended to make a fairly thin, about 0.5 to 1 inches (1.3 to 2.54 centimeters)