Minipower stations for truckers

By Admin | Electrical Light
30 April 2016

be able to produce electric power from a few kilowatts to tens of megawatts can use the mini power stations, made on the basis of gasoline, gas or diesel generators.

greatest demand in the world use generators with a two-stroke gasoline engine.This unit is most often used as a mobile (portable) minielektrostantsii, making it possible to use the power directly on the construction site - during construction, such as a country house.

A portable mini power station can be moved to the infield and used to connect various household equipment such as water pumps for sprinkler systems in a home workshop, garage for car repairs and charge the batteries and for a lot of things that simply do withoutunthinkable.

Finally, these generators - compact, relatively cheap and fuel efficient, it is often used for backup power system devices, providing the inhabitants of a country house or cottage with electricity in the event of system failure, the external power supply.

If it is a large country estate that today is

not at all uncommon, use diesel power necessary power.These units are available in a wide range, with air or water cooling using a special sound insulation.

They have significant lifespan reaches 40,000 hours and can be used for permanent power supply remote and inaccessible objects.

common drawback of all electric generators running on motor fuel, pollution is necessarily concomitant operation of such devices.There are, however, completely environmentally friendly way to get the right amount of power.

This is possible near small rivers, where you can make a real local-scale hydroelectric power, capable of providing electricity to one or more houses.

Thus, hydroelectric with a propeller turbine, an electric generator and associated automation is about 400 thousand. Rubles, and provides power to 10 kilowatts.Of course, the cost of such a device is quite large, but do not forget that it is a clean, renewable (inexhaustible!) Source of electrical energy obtained virtually nothing.

minielektrostantsii a payback period of less than 3 years.Hydraulic units of this type are indispensable in a neighborhood rife with fast mountain rivers, of which there are in our vast country a lot.