Underground sewage treatment plant

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09 May 2016

In the manor house for a family of 4-5 people at a rate of 150 liters of wastewater per person per day full biological treatment must undergo an average of 0.75 cubic meters.m. The sanitary sewage (150 lh5 people).

Arrange underground facilities for biological treatment of water in the soil can be nepuchinistyh, unsettled, with seismic activity in the area of ​​construction not more than 6 points.


Septic 2-3 cameras make a rectangular or round shape of bricks, rubble concrete or precast concrete rings.The more cameras, the better water treatment.
Rectangular septic tank can be 270 cm long, 90 cm wide and a height of 125 - 200 cm (for the internal dimensions) with a wall thickness of 30 cm.

Underground sewage treatment plant before the inlet pipe is mounted transverse tarred board for catching pop-particles at the end of which he put on a tee (One side of it is immersed in the liquid, and the second is used to attach the ventilation vents, released through the ceiling and towering half a meter above the ground).

transverse membranes septic tank is divided into two or three cameras.In the lower part of partitions make holes for trapping flying particles of fat and water attached on the surface of the transverse board.The ceiling is provided with a double hatch cover in winter it warmed and sprinkled with ground slopes outward.

filter well

approximate its solution in two ways: from prefabricated concrete rings, bricks, iron ore.Well closed reinforced concrete slab with a hole for the hatch at a depth of 0.8-0.9 m above the ground.Above the brick spread round the neck to the ground and make a second vent sunroof.Between hatches poured insulation.

well perforated walls, waterproofing and without ferrugination inside.The masonry in every fourth row is left hole section 20h85 (75) mm by razdvizhki bricks increments of 27 cm. The distance between the holes in the vertical - 225 mm.Holes vrazbezhku follow.

Well filled with rubble and gravel to a height of 1 m. The base of the well - a layer of filter media from coarse sand 20 cm thick. It turns out the filter bottom height of 1.2 m. The maximum depth of the well - no more than 2.5 meters from the ground.

outside his obkladyvayut Booth, crushed stone and gravel to the level of the inlet tube.As you can see, the design of the filter is similar to the design of the well water intake basin mountain springs.

Septic tank Septic tank for collecting and storing fluid away from pets, too, is made of reinforced concrete or brick-rings ironstone.The walls have a waterproof, brick, 38 cm thick (half brick), a rectangular shape.Lay them on the cement mortar, ozheleznyayut inside, outside double-coated with hot bitumen and arrange a clay castle bat layer of clay 20-30 cm.

suit top hatch of tarred wooden boards make blind area (glinoschebenochnuyu or asphalt concrete) sloping outwards, so as not toinfiltrated "the rain and meltwater.The feeding tube (ceramic, asbestos-cement or cast iron) with a slope from the tray passes indoors under the foundation of the barn.Depending on the number of animals make one or two wells.Luc periodically open, flinging muck and manure and compost watered.


manure on rural estates do as a light canopy or an extension to the barn.Wooden frame clapboard, wattle or straw mats and covered with corrugated asbestos cement sheets or tar paper.The main objective of the canopy - protect manure from rain, wind, sun and flies, so sometimes they cover the walls of dense mesh.But it is difficult to raise more capital and a wall - one brick or stucco adobe rakushnyaka and so on. N.

storage tank located outside the service yard in the rear hozpostroek, from the garden, which attracts all the waste subsistence farming.This region is densely cased trees and hedges.Most often it is the north side of the estate.The floor of the storage tank make waterproof, concrete with 1:15 slope toward the companionway, manure collection.

Compost as a pyramid, which is composed of layers of soil, peat, manure, sludge from septic tanks, household waste, manure and mud poured.After maturation perelopachennuyu mass introduced into the soil.

reading this article, you already have the idea that what is intended, and how to make the most treatment facilities on its land plot