What is the energy saving lamp

By Admin | Electrical Light
30 April 2016

Advantages of energy saving lamps CFL

lyuminostsetnye and energy-saving lamps and CFL have a ballast (starter).Advances in technology allowed the tube to mount into standard sockets diameter 27 or 14 mm starter, making these lamps can be screwed into any chandelier lamp or a sconce.

Studies have shown that energy-saving lamps consume 4-5 times less energy than a standard bulb while illuminating the room with the same force.However, such savings can not do without the costs and therefore the price of these lamps is quite high and exceeds the cost of a conventional lamp in 5-30 times.

Despite the high cost of CFLs are more durable.Costs of energy-saving lamps ranges from 6 to 10 thousand hours, while the incandescent lamps are not more than 1000 hours.

Further investigation showed that the use of energy saving lamps cost-effective.Savings in this case is 1.2 to 1.8 times, and low power consumption allows, is not worried about the heat dissipation from the lamp that contributes to their widespread

use in the chandeliers and sconces.

CFL lamps are available in three colors: "Day" (6400 K), "Natural" (White, 4000 K), and "warm white" (2700 K) (yellow light close to an incandescent lamp).Thus, using this diversity in the house, you can create different light: for use (4000 K) and for recreation (2700 K).

Disadvantages of energy saving lamps CFL

The disadvantage is their life, which is significantly dependent on the operation.These lamps do not tolerate frequent switching, on and off, so thrifty people have to give up their habits.

Over time, the intensity of luminescence from llamas and falls at the end of operation is 75% of the initial and on this we should not forget.

If you intend to use the dimmer, something about the use of energy saving lamps you have to forget, because lamps with electronic starter can not be regulated, which limits the use of these lamps in bedrooms because it will not work to create and work lights and an intimate darkness.

Finally, it must be said at the close of the environmental aspect.Not all probably know about the content of these lamps a trace amount of mercury.In this regard, lamps require special disposal, and if it does not do what you have to accept the fact that the lamp thrown in the trash, you harm nature.