Types of water heaters and compare

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09 May 2016

heater can be of two types: electric, or gas.

Electric water heater is:

  • Electric instantaneous water heaters
  • Electric water heaters

gas electric heater can be:

  • Gas instantaneous water heaters (geysers)
  • Gas water heaters

choice ofof a cylinder depends on several factors.For example, an apartment in the city briefly shut off the water, choose a storage heater with a capacity not greater than 100 liters, or instantaneous water heater small capacities.If the task is to choose a water heater for a large country house use model is more serious, because the water temperature is much colder here, and of course there is more water consumption.

Electric Water Heater:
Electric water heaters - this is a very popular water heaters.In uncomplicated construction and electrical heating elements (heating elements).Such heaters are connected to the power supply and the only difficulty may be the installation of devices with separate wiring and individual fuses.

Schematically, electric water he

ater looks like:

1 - cold water,
2 - selection of hot water,
3 - thermostats,
4 - heating elements,
5 - anode

tanks - tanks water heaters are made of steel and the inner wall is protected by anti-corrosion enamel anode required for additional corrosion protection.Thermal insulation of the tank reaches a thickness of 100 mm and material for it is environmentally friendly polyurethane foam.

Instantaneous electric water heater

The instantaneous water heater heats the water during the passage through the heat exchanger.In order to keep the water flowing as you need to tap voltage 3x380 volts and 12-30 kilowatt water-heater.Keep in mind that a good electric water heater will Kmet large and consume a lot of elktroenergii, and this additional cost.

Thus, more water heats the water heater, the lower its temperature.

Electric storage water heater

This option heater - boiler is used for limiting the electric power.Since the heating takes place gradually and can often be connected to a common outlet.This device heats the water to a certain volume of 55-75 0 C and has the ability to automatically maintain the temperature at a set level.

Gas water heater

as the energy used in these heaters is gas.In this case, the gas column with a gas flame heated water flowing through the copper heat exchanger.Such a heater raises the temperature of the water at 50 ° C.The gas collecting unit graphically as follows: firstly, there is capacity for water heating using a gas burner.Cold water is supplied through a tube to the bottom of the tank and the hot overhead.The magnesium anode must be replaced periodically about once a year.

Driving gas water heater:
1 - cold water
2 - selection of hot water,
3 - thermostat
4 - gas burner,
5 - anode

advantage of gaswater heaters are economical, because gas is cheaper than electricity.Depending on the power, it is capable of delivering 5 to 17 liters of hot water per minute - about the same can be obtained by opening the tap.Most modern gas water heaters have an automatic electric ignition flame plus the entire water heater is safe for the pilot burner flame attenuation or faulty operation of the chimney, as the work of the column is blocked.

disadvantage - installation of the heater, because it takes a special gas hoses and ventilation system for evacuating combustion gases.

gas instantaneous water heater (geyser)

All of geysers - instantaneous water heaters consist of a burner which heats the water and automation, which ensures safe operation.Depending on the wattage heaters are divided into the following groups :.

  • low power (17 - 19 kW)
  • medium power (22 - 24 kW)
  • high power (28 - 30 kW)

Based on this, we get a certain amount of water.

Power kW consumption by heating at 50 ° C consumption by heating at 25 ° C
19 to 5 l / min to 11 5 l / min
24 to 7 l / min to 14 l / min
28 to 8 l / min up to 16 l / min

Also geysers differ by type of ignition for water heaters:

  • with pezorozzhigom,
  • with electronic ignition,
  • HydroPower.

pezorozzhigom - produced in the heaters by pressing a special button.

electric ignition - made in columns by opening the hot water tap.They are economical, because there is no constant burning pilot.

HydroPower - in water heaters of this type of current for the ignition of the burner with a turbine driven by the action of water flow.

gas water heater

Dignity gas storage water heaters is a large supply of water.The disadvantage of this heater - quite a high price and complexity of the installation of gas equipment, but it pays off because of the cost of electricity.Gas water heaters manufactured two types:

  • natural draft - open chamber
  • forced draft C sealed combustion chamber

first type water heaters require no additional flow of air into the room to maintain the combustion process, for such heaters are notyou need to build an expensive traditional chimney and fit - short inexpensive coax.