The first step for choosing an autonomous sewer

By Admin | Heating
09 May 2016

With the arrival of the first warm days of each owner's own home country is taken for improvement of the site.Someone begins to build a new house, someone keeps or planned work already thinks about cosmetic repairs of the building, but any host inevitably faced with the question of arrangement of sewerage system and, hence, the selection of the most functional treatment plant.What will

sewerage system on a suburban area - the common cesspool or a modern wastewater treatment plant - a personal choice of the owner.Of course, in recent years the majority of the population rejects the traditional wooden "toilets" and opted for treatment plants, operating on the principle of aeration.

several species aeration sewage treatment plants, which are different from each other dimensions, the internal mechanisms of the device, the manufacturer and quality.But all of these systems a common principle of work - special arrangements, air is fed into the device's camera and saturate them with oxygen.

To sewerage system worked properly during operation did not require greater attention due to frequent problems, we suggest you step by step instructions on choosing the treatment plant.

Step One: familiarity with the manufacturer and the accompanying technical documentation

As a rule, most companies producing quality products, for a long time specializing in the art and produce the equipment of the same type.Therefore, when choosing a treatment plant ask such details:

  • The name of the vendor and its duration;
  • activity and manufactured products;
  • frequency and reasons for changes in the brand.

main condition of modern manufacturing activities is the mandatory certification of products and equipment without proper documentation is not received in the sale.Certificates come in two forms - the certificate of conformity, mandatory for all kinds of goods, and environmental compliance certificate from the receipt of which is the production of some shy, motivating their actions by saying that this type of certification is voluntary.The certificate - from three to five years, while at the end it can be extended only in the name of the brand, which has been issued.As an example, consider the installation of wastewater treatment by GK "Topol-ECO": all the buildings have a full package of permits, environmental certificate and the certificate of conformity "TOPAS" and "TOPAERO" made in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and in accordance with sanitary and environmentalrequirements and standards.

information in the certificate should be studied carefully:

  • The certificate must include the name of the vendor or the certificate provided by the manufacturer that the seller has the right to sell this equipment;
  • If the name of the seller and the manufacturer is different, it is necessary to look at the documents very carefully: some sellers are using illegal tricks and fake certificates by selling low-quality equipment under the brand name of the popular brand.