Reducing energy consumption

By Admin | Electrical Light
28 April 2016

building in the world consume about 40% of all energy and are responsible for a huge amount of emissions CO2.According to the International Energy Agency, the amount of energy used for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings and hot water, can be reduced by 75% on a global scale.

representative Jens Laustsen IEA said: "Energy efficiency - a key solution for a low-carbon society.It will reduce CO2 emissions by 54%.The other 23% can be produced from renewable energy sources, and the remaining 23% - by the intensive use of nuclear energy, carbon capture (capture) and long-term storage of carbon dioxide.Improve the efficiency of buildings, everybody wins.The consumer reduces heating costs and receives an improved climate.Create millions of jobs.The political objectives of the climate becomes more easily achievable, provided the security of energy supply, stimulate the economy and a healthy society is formed.Many countries are facing the necessity of investing huge investments to represent the citize

ns of sufficient energy.Some of these investments may not be performed - you need only to spend less energy is wasted. "

Energy efficiency - the fast, affordable and effective solution.It is associated with many advantages and not the disadvantages.We do not have to sacrifice anything.It is possible to improve the indoor climate in our homes and offices.We have the technology today to reduce wasteful energy consumption and emissions of CO2 ยป, - noted the director of WWF Global Climate Initiative, Kim Carstensen.

Eelco van Heel, President of Group ROCKWOOL - one of the key providers of climate solutions in the construction industry - called on politicians to promote: "We need a prominent politician who can help to implement and use energy efficient technologies immediately.It is important to renovate old buildings so that they consume a small amount of energy.New buildings should be designed with the minimum energy consumption.A solar panel on the roof or other measures will transform the building into a house with zero energy consumption.Or even better - a house that generates energy.It may only require more political will. "

Press-service of the company ROCKWOOL Russia:
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