Artificial lighting plot

By Admin | Electrical Light
27 April 2016
backlight allows you to make use of the fantastic and unique effects on a country site.The jets of the fountains in the glow of lanterns look beautiful.Lamps embedded in the track, light the way like moonlight.Therefore, part garden lights - this is a simple and very effective way to build the necessary experience.

installation of the lights should be carefully considered.Good results are obtained experimentally during the installation of lighting devices in different places.It is necessary to take into account possible changes in response to the passage of time and the growth of plants.This method is the easiest, because a temporary wiring is easier to do, try out a few options and choose the best of them.

There are several requirements for coverage:

  • lamps are installed so as to emphasize the most attractive elements of the scenery;
  • light should be dim, calming effect.

backlight is divided into two main types:
  • top, when the light is directed upwards;
  • lower when the light is directed do

first used for the purpose of highlighting the individual elements of the garden.To create a lighting device requires an excellent knowledge of the garden, its forms and shapes.Most often choose the most relief items.We must not forget that the elements of the garden suddenly appear with the help of other highlights: pergola, overgrown plants, stone composition, water devices, bamboo and grasses looked very picturesque in the soft rays of light from the ground level.Soft downward light is best placed near the tracks, steps, stones and other places, where at night there is a danger for the walk.In general, the light sources are set close to the ground or directly in front of illuminated elements.

light sources directed upward, it is best to install the rear and a short distance from the illuminated objects.This gives a high light plants unusual appearance in the garden at night.It is not necessary to abuse and place lights too often.An excessive amount reduces their effect of zero.The main task - to find the necessary forms and the ratio of the number of lighting fixtures.

backlight reservoirs is only by special devices.Typically, they are designed for low voltage and work through transformers.If the device is water (stream) operates the pump, it is necessary to provide additional power to turn even illumination.

After selecting a place for the fixtures, you can start applying an electric wire.This takes into account space for switches, sockets and breakers.They are arranged so that they were convenient to use out of the reach of children.Electric cable housed in the pipe is laid underground along the track at a depth of about 45 centimeters to avoid damage.Pay attention to the layout of the garden, where you want to mark all cables and electrical wiring diagram draw.Places to connect to the network are equipped with circuit breakers.

electrical equipment are sources of increased danger, therefore, all related work should be performed by a qualified electrician.