The third step of choosing an autonomous sewer

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07 May 2016

Step Three: performance volley dump.How to choose a treatment plant?

One of the parameters characterizing the performance of the treatment plant is the capacity of the device for a certain period of time, that is, how much salvo wastewater discharge can take into the receiving chamber and then be treated together with the construction of various bathrooms.Information on parameters of each device reset volley contained in SNIP.

Let's start with the fact that wastewater treatment plants are of different capacities.In the event that treatment plant has high refractive daily throughput, it must be equipped with a receiving chamber to receive waste water simultaneously from all toilets and recycle them.In the manufacture of water treatment facilities large manufacturers are paying particular attention to the calculation of the reserve chamber receiving treatment plant, choosing a model that could take volley reset.

second indicator in the selection of the treatment plant is the depth at which t

he sewer is coming out of the house.It is known that the sewer pipe mounted on the principle of gravity flow, is mounted at a certain bias, about two centimeters to one meter.When using a feed pipe range can be different:

- from 40 to 80 cm with a standard installation;

- from 80 to 140 cm when mounting modifications Long;

- from 140 to 240 cm when installing modifications Long backfilled.

The last parameter, which take into account when selecting the treatment plant - is the level of groundwater at the site.If ground water are up to 50 cm above the ground, a choice must be stopped to clean the installation on the principle of forced discharge, when purified water is collected in a special container, and then discharged by a pump.

Let's try to pick up the treatment plant for the suburban area for a simple task.

Thus, the conditions of the problem:

  1. The house is home to 6 people.
  2. Plumbing consists of:
    • One toilet with index volley dump 20 liters
    • One bath volley discharge 200 liters
    • washer-volley dump 50 liters
    • two shells with the index volley dump 30 liters
  3. Sewer pipeleaves the basement located at a depth of 80 cm, the WWTP is 10 m away.
  4. Groundwater at a depth of 50 cm from ground level, in the area there is no natural slope.

order to calculate the total amount volley dump, you need to bring the sum of all indicators of plumbing in the house: 20 + 200 + 50 + 30 + 30 = 330 liters.Salvo reset with an index of 330 liters can receive treatment plant TOPAS 8.

following steps: counting the depth at which the pipe is embedded in the installation.Under the terms of the problem, sewer pipe has a slope of 2 cm to 1 m and out of the basement of 10 m from the unit at a depth of 80 cm.

Thus, the slope of sewer pipe 10m is 10x2 = 20 cm, and the feed pipe will sink to a depth of80 + 20 = 100 cm. Depth 100 cm with an indicator for the treatment plant modifications Long.

Given the fact that in a high level of groundwater, it is necessary to choose the treatment plant that operates on the principle of compulsory reset when the purified water is removed from the system in a separate cell and brought to the surface by the pump.

The best option in this case - the treatment plant TOPAS 8 Long Pr.