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27 April 2016
All systems for power supply can be divided into three categories:
  • systems Autonomous power problem (SAP) - are used in the absence of external power, and produce 100% of electricity used by consumers.
  • system backup (emergency) power supply (PSA) - used in conjunction with the main power supply and only included if the main.
  • Uninterruptible power systems (BPS) - a back-up, but that provide a continuous supply of power supply (for the understanding - that even computers do not have time to reboot).Selection of batteries (battery) for SBP roughly the same as for the PSA.

systems with lead-acid (SA) Bank

optimal choice for the UK Bank of autonomous power supply is some complexity, even for SAP professionals.

What are the reasons?
  • Very Hard mode battery operation - daily charge and discharge ("cyclic operation");
  • In a particularly electrochemical processes - trivial and time-consuming process of charge and the presence of restrictions on the discharge process;
  • In the absence of publicatio
    n of the battery manufacturers data durability in nedozaryazhennom battery condition;
  • In a bad adaptation produced by the charger to the battery characteristics of various IC;
  • In weak "battery" users battery qualification and even some experts in SAP (many vendors ready-made solutions to the UK battery one way or another escape from the problems of the customer to ensure optimal long useful life of the battery.);
  • in several different modes optimal SC battery made for various technologies and for different purposes.There fraction of a volt at a charge and discharge percentages are very important.
Classification SC battery or some of their groups: industrial - stationary, traction - for backup power for autonomous power supply, starter.And also - a liquid electrolyte, and dense (maintenance, low-maintenance and maintenance-free).

Choice Insurance Bank

main thing when choosing a UK Bank - to pick up the battery technology of their production (and the parameters) for your specific task by calculating the cost-effectiveness of their work in your specific system.

Choice SC battery systems for autonomous power supply.
Due to the fact that, as a rule, such systems have a daily (or near) the cyclical operation, the main criterion for selecting a passport (and, of course, real) number of charge-discharge cycles the battery when your mode of operation and priceper cycle.

Industrial Battery

From the documentation of all IC manufacturers AKB is known that at a deep discharge battery, sharply reduced the number of remaining cycles of the battery, so the battery is not recommended to discharge more than 50-80%.The optimum depth of discharge should be calculated under your specific system (a specific battery, discharge current and charge technique) and automatic controlled.

strong recommendation - for each discharge to achieve the calculated depth of discharge is better to start the charge, and the charge should be brought up to 100%.
With this (fast and complete) a charge, too, have a problem that can be solved, for example, via the SAP economical.

There is another option - to buy, for example, gel batteries Challenger G12FT (analogue Haze HZY), who (according to the manufacturer's description) it is possible "a full recovery after a deep discharge, even when the charge process is not started immediately after discharge. It may be discharged, even when incomplete charging the battery without loss of capacity
Now - specifics.
compare 5 different technologies - OPzS (low-maintenance), OPzV (gel), AGM, Challenger G12FT and starter (price - average, retail, Moscow, and the selected battery manufacturing technology - the most realistic practice and feasibility for use).

Background: Bank to give 100Ach x 12V = 1200W hours, the discharge current of up to 50% to 10% of capacity (0.1 C).

1. OPzS.Price 1200W hour - 12700rub.Then 12700/2300 = 5,5rub cycles / cycle.
2. OPzV.Price 1200W hour - 14600rub.Then 14600/2000 cycles = 7,3rub. / Cycle.
3. AGM.Price 1200W hour - 6500rub.Then 6500/600 = 10,8rub cycles / cycle.
4. Challenger G12FT.Price 1200W hour - 8500rub.Then 8500/700 = 12rub cycles / cycle.
5. Now for the starter.Unfortunately, as of today, I have not found the number of cycles at a discharge current of 0.1 C (as they are for such a regime is not intended).From communication with practice and from my experience I can only assume that these cycles in this mode will not exceed 200. The price of starter batteries - 3200 rubles.Then
3200/200 = 16rub cycles. / Cycle.

A. Sealed batteries - OPzV, AGM can be placed even in the house (ventilation is still needed).Starter, too, are sealed.Paragraphs - B, C, there are two good ways to prolong the life of the battery SK:

B. To maintain and low maintenance (leaking), operated only at positive temperatures can reduce the density of the electrolyte to the "summer" - 1.24.In this case, their life is significantly (about 2 times) increase.

B. Conduct desulfation / used batteries also significantly extends their service life.

Choice IC for battery backup power systems

for PSA batteries, mainly chosen by the criterion of price / service life in years.For them produced a special long-lived battery, and their choice is relatively simple.

gel batteries

According to Andrei here must choose from three options of batteries - industrial stationary (GroE, OPzS, OPzV), gel and AGM, at which the terms of service (for a small number of charge-discharge cycles) and moderate temperatures are in the batteryrange 5-20 years.

About chargers

I want to draw the reader's attention to the fact that the choice of the optimal mode of the battery and the proper discharge of their settlement did not give figures for the period of their service in the case of an incorrect mode of charge !!!

under each of the above technologies and even in each producer should be selected optimum battery charger (charger).Thus, for example, absolutely can not use a car charger for AGM batteries.There are other nuances.

Even if the documentation is written in the memory, it can charge all kinds of batteries, with no manual settings for your particular type of battery that can not be trusted.Author Andrew for a long time understood the Russian office of FIAMM on their memory.There he was advised after the warranty period, to climb inside and to fine-tune the device.

In conclusion of the chargers I want to add that now are in the nature of a normal automatic multi-charger, the choice of which - also a non-trivial task.And to use primitive memory for expensive power systems is not recommended ...

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