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07 May 2016

SKIT_SPb decided to tackle sewage device unexpectedly for himself: to put the planned bio-toilet, but could not resist the opportunity to buy a 2-cc septic Flotenk at wholesale cost.Construction was delayed in the country, which means that you can set aside time to drain.

plot, gently sloping to the river required professional advice, but as intelligent professionals could not find, SKIT_SPb relied on their own strength.In front of him waiting for a few days of the June holidays, free excavator and an extra pair of hands in the face of another - why not take this opportunity?

errors ...

Immediately first admitted blunders for which later had to pay time and money not given the level of groundwater, dug a hole depth of 2.2 m and 1.2 m of the ditch. Satisfied done quickly and easily asthen seemed to work, the workers went to rest.

Early in the morning the owner woke up with a heavy heart and, once again to think things through, he realized his mistake out of the septic tank was made following sp

ring the groundwater level, which means that the river water will flow into the treatment plant.

basic mistakes that are made when you install a septic tank for the house - not taken into account the hydrogeological conditions and the groundwater level.

Standing on the edge of the pit and watched as she slowly filled with water, picking up a septic tank, SKIT_SPb horrified.And here it was not to panic?It was the Trinity, and therefore, an excavator will be out of work.We recall the words of the driver, who mentioned that the neighbor twice to dig a hole under a septic tank and installed on the bottom of the plate to secure it.

In the case of a high level of ground water is better to abandon the use of groundwater filtration and treatment plant with all the stages of cleaning.

After a fight with his fists do not wave, but at that time the situation inspired gloom: all dug, according to the forecast rain is expected tomorrow to travel to work, and a septic tank for a night full of water picked up and rolled over, so that even to put it to its original positionthere was no way.

... and fix

not indulging in long despair, SKIT_SPb decided to act.Mindful of past mistakes, decided to first consider thoroughly all.Given that a septic tank should be at least one and a half meters, first came up with to make concrete block anchors that attach the rope to a septic tank.However, the bottom of the pit turned into a swamp, which was almost sucked the owner himself, and therefore these blocks could expect the same fate.

Immediately came up with another idea: make a grating made of boards and blocks put on it.However, many of these units had to, SKIT_SPb not know.In the end, you still had to find a specialist.

Such fairly quickly found through a friend in the village.The man was installing septic tanks, and it gives hope that this time everything will be done as necessary.Together with two Tajiks, he was ready to help the next day.

Threesomes turned septic tank pumped out the water, then arrived and excavator, which sleep up to six meters of the pit and sealed her bucket.

The width and depth of the well under the septic tank must correspond to the number of treatment units.The pit must be equipped with a drainage pipe.The bottom of the pit covered with a layer of sieved sand thickness of not less than 20 cm, above it set concrete base.

At the same time, call and order the tube, Epps (thermal insulation material with low water absorption) and gravel in bags for field irrigation.

size of the field of irrigation depends on how well the soil absorbs water.The clay area field irrigation to do a lot more.

In one day, a septic tank was filled with sand and poured it.SKIT_SPb he rammed sand, after which the trench was filled to the required level to lay sewer pipes.

After installing the septic tank is not sprinkled with selected soil and sand-cement mixture, which after tamped.When this tank is filled with water to prevent the deflection walls pressurized ground.Cover septic tank installed on a level that it did not get rain and meltwater.

put on top of the septic tank Epps and covered with soil.Then it turned out that a visiting expert not competent, good, the owner knew that the pipes need to be put under a bias in two degrees.Experts offer to make steeper and the drain pipe inserted directly into the output of the treatment plant, bypassing the 2 meter sewage pipes.However SKIT_SPb yet decided to make its own way.

field irrigation and drainage pipe filled with gravel on top, instead of geotextiles that the host is not found, put a thick reinforced polyethylene, then all covered with earth.All the work took two days.

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