As you can cheat in the construction of the well

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07 May 2016

Many people believe that dig a well - not such a complicated business: the place identified, experts found and bought everything needed - and enjoy the clear cool water of your own from source.However, personal experience shows the truckers, not the way it simple: fraud artists have several ways to profit at your expense.

Method 1 Perhaps not even notice!

Member Forum "Home and cottage", survived two dokopki well, warns about such cases of fraud:

  • instead of rings of the same size you slip the other.It would seem that the difference between the height of the rings 0.8 and 0.9 m is insignificant, but at ten rings dishonest artist wins one-meter in his favor.Such fraud can be with a diameter and a thickness of the Rings: who's going to measure them?
  • Dokapyvaya well rings of smaller diameter, artist digs per ring, and down two or three, while throwing on the surface of the earth for the visibility of fruitful work.It happens that well, that there is less work to dig not the first oversize, and the s
    econd, which is already 10 cm.
  • Instead of digging a well, workers can only remove the alluvium, arguing that further deepened the ring and demanding payment in effectfor cleaning.In the second
  • dokopke forumchanin faced with a number of frauds: one ring pulled the second pitched back insert three rings.Thus money requested by four, and then - by three.
  • many cases where the customer unfamiliar with the digging of wells, extort money on various allegedly necessary parts and labor: brackets, discharge rings, etc.Also, you may be offered a ring broken at the edges, or other low-quality material, arguing that in the process of everything right and nothing wrong with that.

Customer made for himself such a conclusion: it was necessary to measure the height and depth of the mine rings as soon as the team arrived, the figures - to record, before the calculation of the performers - all measured again if matches - to pay, there is no - find outwhere he had been deceived.

Wisdom comes with experience, and then forumchanin reaping the bitter fruits of their credulity when paying two and five rings dokopki depth construction increased by only one meter.It opened when the owner took out a rope, which originally measured well.

Method 2: Wait for the water!

Nedokopka well - one of the most common cases of fraud.To complete the work faster, you can tell that the well will run keys themselves will knock his way and the water will rise in a few months, and even a contract will be awarded, and to assure you that at first they come to your call if something goesnot this way.Can you believe, that's just calling more than once, and once again heard that "masters" are busy, you will realize that you brazenly cheated.

And the reason is simple: dig a hole and bury rings are newcomers, but before reaching the water, they often do not know what to do next.So come up with an excuse, and the wells are obtained as a result of unsuccessful: the water is stagnant, silting, dry or spoiled.Another option - no water at all, or workers overdone and enter the stagnant water unfit for use.

method 3. Locate the water-bearing vein!

Many Kolodeznikov impose exploratory drilling and customer service dowsing.At the same time convinced that, even if the neighbors have wells with good water, not a guarantee that you, too, such will.It is also said that in order to determine the number of rings they need to know where the water is moving.

sounds convincing, but today do not use the master secret technology of our forefathers, and because all the stories about dowsing - no more than a way to unleash the fog and take with you an additional fee.In fact, the water quality can be found only when the water in the drilled well settles within three to four weeks.The results can be different if diggers or not doroyut pass exploration threshold.

In addition, the exact number of rings you do not say no, "scout", and the flow of water can be determined without tearing a hole: if the terrain sloped, the water flows down, and if the flat - the movement of the water does not define.

real masters who are engaged in the construction of wells for many years, knows the territory, and without parapsychological practices and other tricks can determine where and what needs well, and what water is in it.

method 4. Work beginners and costs of professionals

Choice brigade - this is a serious and crucial moment.Many customers believe ads that urge, that will dig the well experienced team of professionals.In fact, often it turns out that the "boss" sending in the inexperienced youngsters who barely turned 17, armed with a cheap shovels.The result - a crooked dug pit and disappeared as your tools.

method 5. Locks for not drinking wells

This method is harmful not only for your wallet, but also your health.Trusting random performers, you risk to buy "self-made" rings that poured knows where and what materials.Often used the ring with locks that are not suitable for drinking water wells, resulting in the water oil film occurs, and the water itself becomes unpleasant taste and harmful composition.


not allow themselves to be deceived!Trust work only proven companies and teams with positive reviews.Find a way to protect yourself: Enter passport information chief of the brigade, check all calculations, try to understand in the construction of wells.

In any case, it is not necessary to sort things out roughly with the performers, until the job is finished: Your argument may result in a poor quality of well water.

on materials participants of the forum "Home and Cottage"

commented chairman of the Guild of Russian Kolodeznikov
Balabanov Grigory Petrovich
Well construction - a strange and dark building.Few people know the intricacies of the craft.The customer - a very easy target for fraudsters, and when a lot of money at stake, the deception will flourish by leaps and bounds ...

Where there are small and light wells there and the crowd "Kolodeznikov" bite per order.Some of the cost benefit, while others say they supermastera and may alter hacks for all wells, and some contracts shake guaranteed for five years.

not less swindlers among hereditary masters.About two out of ten professional teams are worried about their jobs, and the majority - do not care, their main goal - money ...

that the answer wizard, if you ask them about the ring impregnated with working off mixed with diesel fuel?Not to know that they can not.They flaunt their orders to the customer, and behind him are imported for drinking water well solyarochnye ring.