Connecting homes to electricity

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25 April 2016
In 2008 Sheatfish decided to connect his house to electricity.He did not want to pay a bribe (50 thous. Rub.), Especially since there was no guarantee that the securities will be agreed and registered as necessary.


This story began with the fact that it was necessary first of all to obtain technical specifications for connecting homes to electricity.For this, he ordered a topographical shooting (when ordering services say that it is needed for networks and exclusively for your site, then the price is less than in times and costs about 200 rubles). And at the appointed time took the paperwork.

then collect the necessary package of securities: surveying, passport, taxpayer identification number, a copy of the certificate of registration of land.More still needs to be on the stands in the respective organizations.Then you need to go to the mains.Upon arrival to write on the model application for technical conditions.In this case it was necessary to 5kw 380V.Three months after the delive
ry of documents was ready Sheatfish technical specifications (TU).

Before obtaining specifications to his site went lineman for the inspection of the scene.After some time he was called and told that they want to approach and perform process connection.Then ask how many columns to set and then he made a mistake and said one, although it was necessary to two and this is a mistake cost him a few thousand rubles.

Price error
The following year, he calculated what it would cost to install one column is about - 13 ths., Plus trouble and then he decided to entrust it to a contractor, who performed all the work, and even started a cable from the socketPole and all of the 17 th. rub.Then he called out RUES installers who have completed technological connection and made the act.

According to the documents you need to connect the project to make electricity at home, in an accessible for inspection install electricity metering devices, and then ground to make the design and commissioning, and so on until the end of the section - "performed by the user at his own expense."That is all that the user does in the house at his own expense, and everything else the power supply.

Further action

Next TU must be ordered in the design organization Energoprojekt Sheatfish which cost 1 500 rubles.Two days later, he got it in his hands and went to negotiate RUES the chief engineer, then in Energosbyt, and a week for 500 rubles in instances provide a coherent paper.With the production of paper, he went to IES for final approval.There's also a contract for the one as for the receipt of payment is taken at 500 rubles and upon payment of a month, he got the contract.

the collected papers Sheatfish RUES drove to where he was told that no earlier than two months will make it in the register of networks and then called.

This act is sent from TU RUES IES (make your own) where the act is issued with the signature and seal of 3 weeks.

Technical Report on Electromagnetic

For him, he paid - 3804 rubles.Two guys came in 10 minutes, something have measured and left.A document data work must be carried out 15 man-hours.Two days later, the paper was prepared on the results of electrical measurements, which he drove to Rostekhnadzor.They wrote the application for a certificate of admission, and left documents: agreed draft all acts received, passports, certificates on the land and the technical report on electro.The act of admission is issued under the law a month later, he received in 2 weeks.

decided to go with a document to a Energosbit but there looking at the paper reported that the draft that passed for approval to the IES is no signature of the chief engineer on the scheme, and still need to bring a certificate - no debt unaccounted FOR ENERGY CONSUMPTION it and give the IESthe act of sealing the installation.

had to go there to write an application for sealing and program counter for 967 rubles.I went to IES for help with no debt and a signature on the project.But help is needed act of sealing the installation (meter).Without power the object of the contract can not be connected to the power lines.


He purchased and placed two-tariff meter Mercury - 231. Before you seal the meter it must be programmed, and this requires socket with voltage.And when I received a call from the inspector, had to turn to a neighbor for electricity.This process takes several minutes.And if you do not have electricity at the site before calling the inspector Bring counter in ZhilEnergoServis programming.After sealing the counter is set in place, and the inspector gives the appropriate paper.

Sheatfish Went to IES for documents about the absence of debt, but there is not an act of sealing is needed, and an inspection report and access to electrical operation, drawn in RUES.Went RUES the act of inspection and access for operation, but there are reports that you need more time to test everything.Again he had to write a statement in the waiting room RUES.

The next day he called and said that we should again be sealed.In order to clarify the circumstances of this call to the chief, he allowed not to produce additional sealing.Officials rewrite counter data, and writes out immediately act.After receiving his, he went to CES and rents together with the application to the Office.There's promise in two weeks to do everything.In order to process is not delayed, it has become itself calls, and in response it was reported that an application has been received, call tomorrow.The next day, trying to get out and report that the supervisor has no right to issue the inspection report and tolerance.He had to apply "a couple of strong phrases" and they agree that it is their internal problem and will help.

finally got a call from power sales, and said he was ready to contract for electricity and need to pick up.During the receipt of the documents said that a call from VRUS before the drive and connect the wires to the power lines, and the documents do not need no cooking.

While there is a construction rate of "building" 13 rubles per kilowatt-day rate, and 4 rubles per kW night.After receiving the registration certificate from the BTI tariff should be changed to normal.More needed to write a statement that in the winter in the country, no one will live, not to bring a receipt.

Finally came the hour when he was called out VRUES.Electricians arrived, climbed on the poles, and all joined in 15 minutes.

Designed by 5 kW corresponding to 25 and the automaton.However, when connecting the shield in there was only a 50 A automatic.Nobody made comments on the matter, as a result we can assume that connect 10 kW of power.

costs electricity connection
  • Topographic survey - 300 rubles;
  • Reconciliation project in Energosbyt - 502 rubles;
  • programming the meter, oplombirovka - 967rub.
  • Automatic 25A-1R IEK-41rub;
  • Automatic 25-3R IEK-123rub;
  • Measurements of electrical ASU - 3840rub;
  • Process connection IES - 500 rubles;
  • switchboard and everything you need to connect it - 5500 rubles;
  • Prop lighting and installation - 17,000 rubles.
Total: 28 774 rubles.

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