Step Four selectable autonomous sewer

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06 May 2016

Step Four: exploring additional services

treatment facilities Large manufacturers offer their customers a full range of services, which include:

  • Check engineer to place the proposed installation, a study area and budgeting;
  • Providing the full scope of information on the cost of equipment and additional services;
  • Delivery of equipment, training and installation works;
  • Starting treatment facilities and operational control system.

GK "Topol-ECO" offers free travel specialist who will come on site and conduct a preliminary inspection.After reviewing the proposed conditions, the engineer will calculate the volume volley dump and select the optimal model of the treatment plant for your home.Another important factor when installing a wastewater treatment system, and a specialist will offer one of its possible options: drainage runoff within a drainage well in the storm gutter or the installation of special containers for the collection of purified water and its further use for commercial pu

rposes.At the end of his visit, the engineer will make a preliminary calculation of the estimate and chart the installation of sewage treatment plants.

draw your attention to the fact that all kinds of preparatory work and the installation of the treatment plant itself, should be performed only by qualified personnel, who have special permission for excavation, installation and commissioning.Otherwise, there is a risk of improper installation and connection of the illiterate, that in the future will lead to frequent breakdowns facilities or failure.Naturally, the inevitable overhaul of the treatment plant, or its complete replacement, and this - the extra material costs.

GK "Topol-ECO" offers the following installation work:

  • Digging excavation;
  • If installation work is carried out at a depth of 2 m or division sandy ground or quicksand, according to the safety standards in the pit are installing formwork;
  • Implemented by laying pipes and their further connection to the system;
  • Inset into the chamber receiving water;
  • wiring and electrical connection;
  • Installation of compressors;
  • testing the treatment plant.

On request is possible supervision, in which experts GK "Topol-ECO" carry out the final stage of installation works:

- connecting pipes;

- electrical connection;

- cut into the receiving chamber;

- installation of compressors;

- check the equipment in operation.

In agreeing budgets, pay attention to my work, which shall perform the brigade.Conscientious manufacturers are beginning to calculate and set the cost of the entire range of services to provide the customer with the necessary information on the final amount.Do not forget that the company making the installation of the treatment plant should provide a guarantee for the installation work.

GK "Topol-ECO" offers its clients a full range of services for installation of waste water treatment plants:

  • develop individual treatment plant project for a country house;
  • selection Makes installation, delivery to the place of installation and direct mounting structures;
  • warrant further servicing and diagnostics facilities.