The effectiveness of solar systems in the middle lane

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24 April 2016
active participant of the forum "Home and Cottage" Andrei A.repeatedly when discussing the topic of heating and providing heat and electricity to the house to share their opinions about the effectiveness of solar systems in central Russia for the supply of electricity and heat homes.

Oddly enough, but the fact that the ratio of the incident solar radiation on a vertical surface on a sunny day in winter compared to summer sunny day only about 1.5-2 times in favor of the summer.Not for a day, and - only during daylight!For a day - about 4 times.

But the difference in the ratio of energy incident on a sunny and in a very cloudy day on a vertical surface - about 30 times!Whatever the time of year.Information - the difference ratio of energy coming on a horizontal surface in summer and winter - about 15 times.

capacity of solar batteries (SB), indicated by their suppliers - only theoretical, ie- Maximum attainable under ideal conditions.

solar collector

solar collector (SC) is significantly more effective than the Sec
urity Council.However, electricity is given only the Security Council, and the UK only heat.

If you still use the SC or the Security Council, it advises Andrei to put them in the south-east walls of the houses, upright against a wall to save space.When upright effectiveness winter will be as close to the maximumwinter sun, we are close to the horizontal, and the effectiveness of the summer is not the highest, (this summer and do not need), but sufficient, provided that in the winter the same system produces enough energy.

Why - in the south-east?There are statistics, confirming that the morning sunshine more often, than in the evening.

If you do a solar heating system to guarantee (UK) or domestic electricity demand (AD), other than heating in the winter, they will get very cumbersome and prohibitively expensive.

However, there is an approach that will improve the efficiency of several Security Council in cloudy weather - Connect SB series with specials.controller.True, the Security Council should be an area with a double margin.

said that for the full autonomy of the house, guaranteeing the maximum result is a Quad system - a solar collector + solar panel + wind generator + generator internal combustion engine.Yes, and the heat pump does not hurt.Well, the heat accumulator, too - in the event of prolonged cloudy weather.

Maybe.But Andrew said that after the launch of such a complex system, its owner will have to deal with it alone service.Or hire an engineering worker for maintenance of all systems.

However, if it is not about "life" and "survival" is - is another matter.And yet - they will be difficult to reconcile with each other.Amateur likely will not cope.

And finally Andrew wants to say that if your house is supplied with electricity, the use of the Security Council - not profitable.And in the absence of a permanent power supply necessary to calculate everything.

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