Chain saws

By Admin | Tools
19 April 2016

difference between professional and domestic chainsaws are not always great, if at first glance it even possible to detect.Professional models
heavier, more powerful, last longer, and even for them there is automatic control.

Chain saws Household chain saw , in turn, is lighter and smaller than average counterparts, as the scope of their use is limited to a garden vegetable garden so some light construction work.Long and hard to cut with a household model simply does not work because it is designed for a few minutes of continuous motor activity.

chain saw works by using the bush roller chain, which is reinforced by special cutting teeth.To classify chain models use three step size equipment - -0.325 inches, 0.375 inches (8.3 inches) and 0.404 inches.What is the step?This value is cut.The higher it is, the more teeth, the more and more they are sawing material.Accordingly, the professional models step equals 0.404 inch.Weaker and easy to work with chainsaws 0.325 inch increments designed for accurate and less

volume of work.

Another very important characteristic of any chainsaw - the thickness of the links , which reflects the strength of the chain and its maximum speed.This value is measured from 1.3 to 1.6 mm.Knowing this characteristic, in case of damage you can find a similar range as to put on the saw "someone else" chain with other parameters is not recommended by manufacturers and ordinary people, constantly processing wood.

When choosing saws should pay attention to the location of the electric motor.If it is perpendicular to the bus, then, most likely, the model shifted the center of gravity.This means that if you ever have the hands to push and align the saw in order to get rid of the imbalance.It is logical to assume that do it all the time pretty hard and just uncomfortable.Therefore, choose the chainsaw is positioned longitudinally with an electric motor.They are well balanced and easy to use.

Chain saws worth noting , that when choosing a blade to look out on the chain tension, as well as a way to adjust it.Most often used for this purpose wrench, but some models have a built-in tension changes.It is represented by a handle on the side, which allows without too much trouble to make adjustment in the right direction (weakening and strengthening).

Another important element chainsaw - brake .Sometimes working with a tool people can not properly respond to the dramatic change of position saw that most often causes injury.On good models have a brake, which is dependent on his left hand.This means that in the fall and saw her zakidyvanii brake is automatically released.

Other there health hazards associated with the sharp chain termination .Typically, the possibility of injury is eliminated by guards who are behind the bus.Besides injuries, open circuit and sudden engine stop mechanisms contribute to increased wear saws, so the gear is provided with some models with plastic parts that break at break, but keep the engine.

Additional features modern chainsaws important are automatic.For example, starting limiters act (the starter) can work without any human intervention.

Thermal , as the name implies, is designed to protect the engine from overheating when the voltage drops in the network.Automatically operating system and on oil supply chain, if this feature is available in the chainsaw.

Chain saws All the above set of additional features have sufficiently expensive models.But do not think that buying a cheap model will be a good solution.Most often chainsaw with low price have automatic protection systems, and on other similar tools automation creators are trying to save.Thus, the work is not too often, you doom yourself to a fairly high probability of injury.

Another tip undermining associated with saw teeth.If you have the necessary qualifications may be engaged in similar improvement of the tool on its own, but the first experience of sharpening without supervision often leads to disruption of the geometrical shape of the teeth and the subsequent failure of the chain.

It is immediately noted that modern saws the teeth are incredibly hard, so ordinary file will not do.Sharpening is best to use specialized files.Most often, they are produced by manufacturers of chainsaws, so the form of the tool and the teeth are the same.

Finally, buying a saw, be sure to look for the presence of a double insulation.In addition, a useful tool is the first running at idle.Do not forget about the protection needed for the job.Gloves will take care of your hands, and the technical points to help rid the eyes from dirt.