Electrical work in the bathroom

By Admin | Electrical Light
22 April 2016
During renovations bathroom should focus on electrical installation and wiring, or to correct errors in the future will require additional investment of time, money and physical strength.

What could be the consequences of poor-quality installation work:
- appliances, beating current;
- faulty floor heating under the tiles;
- twisted and broken wires;
- illiterate installation ground;
- incorrect wiring harness;
- the zero position of the RCD.

Homes built over twenty years ago, would then have to produce a complete replacement of the electrical wiring, as it is not designed to power today's power systems.During the construction of buildings in those days for electrical use aluminum wire, which over time loses its plastic properties, quickly breaks down.Besides, if the aluminum wire is under tension gets wet, metal collapses.The best option for the wiring is copper wire.For illumination use a wire with section 1.5 mm2, to install power outlets 2.5 mm2.

The bathroom recently used household appliances
(towel, washing machines), but forget about security measures and install indoor switches and sockets.To prevent electric shock grounding will help, but often instead in houses made vanishing.

There are two ways of vanishing:

1. Connect the terminals in the socket housing, with a bridge extending from the "zero" of the wire.It should be remembered that this method has obvious disadvantages, which show the senselessness of such a vanishing species:
  • if the mix "phase" and "zero", all appliances on the line just burn;
  • wiring or equipment in case of breakage contaminate "working zero";
  • at protecting machine may malfunction as a line break phase conductor and a line of "zero" of the wire.
2. lay additional wire, under the name of "net zero", in the direction from the outlet to the distribution Shitko, which lead to the body and will be attached.In the case of contamination of the body panel should contact ECD for troubleshooting.

Laying electrical wiring must be done by meticulously designed project, which will be listed all the functional elements:

• intelligently placed power socket;
• terminals equipped for additional lighting;
• concluded under the washing machine;
• concluded under the electric towel rail.

basic provisions for competent wiring in the bathroom:

  • electric wire must be secured against contact with metal structures and for installation in the vicinity of the pipelines with combustible material distance between the two lines must be at least 400 mm.

  • The bathroom lines are inevitable with hot water and heating, so the wiring must be protected by asbestos gaskets, or use cables with coating to protect from high temperatures.

  • distance between the wires should not be less than 3 mm, also prohibited from wiring bundles.

  • Connections of wires and branch lines all kinds of electrical wiring must be enclosed in connective and junction boxes.

  • and PE protective conductors have connecting wires which should be connected to each other by welding.For household electrical appliances wires attached bolts.It should be remembered that in the conductors to ground and vanishing should not have fuses, because during the defensive reaction all devices connected to the line can come in unsuitability.

final stage of wiring in the room the bathroom - a compilation of a detailed plan, scheme, which will be listed without exception path lines and areas in which produced the accession of new wires to the old.Such a plan will come in handy in case of repairs or troubleshooting line wiring.